Through these 9 good and simple body language, you will look friendly and kind

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“This guy… Why did he look like a hot worm earlier?”

You are definitely familiar with the term “hot worm”, aka someone who is always moving and showing feelings of restlessness. This term is full of negative connotations — so we try to be as calm and relaxed as possible when we meet new people.

But even if we try, many of us still have a hard time doing it. Well, if you are one of those who are still having trouble, check out the following 9 good body language that you can do to make other people interested while you are comfortable yourself.

1. Not only wide, make sure your smile is flexible and sincere

As sweet as Mbak Raisa’s smile via

To look sincere or happy, it’s not enough to just smile widely. Imagine the face of a person who is smiling broadly but his eyes and the rest of his face are “pouting”. Of course, his broad smile still looks stiff and forced.

Try to smile gracefully and sincerely. To make it look flexible, pull the corners of your lips slowly, and don’t smile immediately when your friend greets you. Pause a few seconds between the greeting and your smile. With this, your smile will feel more sincere and not forced.

2. When talking, make sure you look into your friend’s eyes. But don’t stare, okay?

Very serious ma'am!

Very serious ma’am! via

Eye contact is important to provide evidence that you pay attention to the person you are talking to, and are genuinely interested in what they are saying. But also make sure you don’t glare or keep staring at him, because this can make the other person uncomfortable. Instead, look at your interlocutor and around. Do everything with the right proportions, so that the other person knows you are a smart person.

3. Body gestures are okay, but don’t let them distract you. The most important thing in the conversation is what you say!

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Squeezing your fingers for no reason, constantly fiddling with your fingernails, or touching your face like scratching: this makes you look like a hot worm. People who see you can be annoyed. Therefore, it’s a good idea to move your hands and fingers as needed, and make sure the movements are carried out with confidence. Do not overdo it, so that people see you as a person who can be trusted.

4. Don’t cross your arms. Just drape your arms on either side of your body — to look friendly and open

Natural beauty portrait of young blonde woman

Natural beauty portrait of young blonde woman via

Keep your hands open. Do not cross the two, because it shows a snobbish attitude, and like giving boundaries or closing yourself off from the other person. Don’t let people think you’re cold, okay!

5. Your sitting posture is as straight as possible. Even if you want to lean, don’t be too often

Do not bend over, make sure your sitting position is quite upright. Even if you want to lean, do not be too often. Because if you sit hunched over, people will judge you as a weak person. While leaning too much is the same as folding your hands, it gives the impression that you are arrogant and distant.

6. Don’t look down. You will look shy and insecure

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Most people like to be confident and assertive. If you mostly look down, you seem to be looking away from being nervous and feeling displeased.

7. Occasionally nod when he speaks. That is, you hear and pay attention to his words

Are you one of them?

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Sometimes nodding as if confirming what the other person is saying is important. Because that way, he will feel heard and cared for by you. Try nodding every now and then, especially when he’s making interesting points. You will also look like a fun interlocutor.

8. Make sure all your movements are slowed down a bit, as if you are enjoying them. Those who see it will feel the same

Slow motion

Slow down via

You may not be a princess or a dancer, but there’s nothing wrong with doing all the moves slowly. Not for the sake of looking gentle, but for the sake of making you look calm and confident.

9. Don’t forget to continue to maintain that good attitude

Last but not least, you need to maintain all of the above positive attitudes well. Body language that is open and relaxed is part of the capital so that people are attracted and amazed by you. It’s useless if you speak well, but your attitude or body language doesn’t reflect it. Is not it?

Well, good luck with the 9 movements above. You don’t have to worry about interacting with people you don’t know. With the 9 body languages ​​above, you can look smart, fun, friendly, and confident. Good luck!

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