Tutorial to Keep Your Face Glowing When Wearing a Mask | 1NEWS

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5. Apply highlighter

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Add highlighter to make the face more dimensional. Apply highlighter over the cheekbones, nosebone, forehead, under the eyebrows, and inner corners to make your face more dimensional and glowing.

6. Use tinted lip balm

Use a tinted lip balm so that your lip color lasts longer and doesn’t stick to the mask even if you use a product with a light formula.

7. Using setting spray

Spray setting spray all over your face so your makeup doesn’t crumble and fade. Setting spray can also make your makeup look more natural.

If you want to experiment with natural, fresh, bright, and glowing makeup, you can use the YOU Colorland Series.

You can get various colors of eyeshadow, blush, and highlighter in e-commerce with a price range of IDR 30-100 thousand. (mut)

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