Urawa Reds vs Kawasaki Frontale Prediction, Gremio From Japan Still Mighty

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1NEWS – Urawa Red will return to continue its journey in the Japanese League Cup arena. Previously, the club, which is located in Saitama Prefecture, managed to come out as the winner of Group C in the group stage. They managed to win the group with a total of 9 points.

Now the tournament has moved on to the quarter-finals, where they will face the defending champions of the Japanese League, Kawasaki Frontale. The fight between Urawa Red vs Kawasaki Frontale will be presented at the Urawa Komaba Stadium, Urawa Red’s headquarters. Both teams are scheduled to start the match on Wednesday (1/9) at 17.00 WIB.

Urawa Red Must Be Careful

Against Kawasaki Frontale at home, is not automatically an easy match for Urawa Red. Because at the first meeting of the two teams in the Japanese League, the team nicknamed Red was defeated by a big score.

Even though the match was played at their own headquarters, the team had to lose with a final score of 0-5. Now also Kawasaki Frontale is still not overtaken as the leader of the Japanese League standings with a collection of 66 points.

While the host of this match is ranked seventh in the Japanese League standings with a total of 45 points. Therefore it is estimated that Urawa Reds most likely fail to steal the victory in the upcoming match.

Apart from that the team’s tactician, Ricardo Rodriguez will field his best squad with a 4-2-3-1 tactic. His team’s attack line will most likely be occupied by Danish striker Kasper Junker.

The striker will be assisted by three players in different positions. The duo Tomoaki Okubu and Takahiro Sekine will fill the role as wingers. Followed by Yoshio Koizumi as an attacking midfielder.

Entering the central zone, the team’s two midfielders will be plotted by the coach to fill the sector. The two potential players are Atsuki Ito and Yuichi Hirano who together play a double pivot role.

Red’s defense line will be inhabited by four players of the defender type. Tomoya Ugajin will be partnered with Hiroki Sakai to fill the position as wing-back. While the duo Tomoaki Makino and Alexander Scholz will play the role of central defender. Shusaku Nishikawa will play the goalkeeper position.

Kawasaki Frontale Still Mighty

The team nicknamed Gremio from Japan came to Urawa Red’s headquarters with a 0-5 victory in their first meeting. If Kawasaki Frontale able to take advantage of his opponent’s weakness as in the first meeting, then victory would be his.

Most likely they will go down with full strength in order to seize the throne from FC Tokyo, the defending champion. The team coach, Toru Oniki has the potential to fill his squad with a 4-3-3 pattern with an attacking scheme.

Leandro Damiao, the club’s temporary top scorer, is certain to be the team’s pedestal in the striker position. Where, exchange online gambling noted that the Brazilian striker has scored 14 goals for his club during his playing in the Japanese League this season.

The striker is considered to be supported by his performance by two wingers, each reinforced by Ten Miyagi and Daiya Tono. Both will be given the task of providing threatening crossings from the flanks.

Three players who play as midfielders will be immediately deployed by Toru Oniki in the central zone. Yasuto Wakizaka and Kento Tachibanada will complement each other in the central midfield sector. Then one more name is Kazuya Yamamura who was appointed to fill the role of defensive midfielder.

While the team’s defense position will carry four names as residents. Kyohei Noborizato will be paired with Miki Yamane in the wing-back sector. Then there is the duet Shintaro Kurumaya and Jesiel who play the role of central defender. Lastly the goalkeeper sector will belong to Sung-ryong Jung.

Japan Cup Score Prediction: Urawa Red vs Kawasaki Frontale 01 September 2021

Quarter-final match Japan Cup this has the potential to be won by Kawasaki Frontale. Despite appearing as a guest team, the team nicknamed Gremio from Japan has a good record this season.

Predicted Score Urawa Red vs Kawasaki Frontale : 0 – 3

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