Violating Ethics, Lili Pintauli Subjected to Heavy Sanctions: Cut Salary For One Year

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Langgar Etik, Lili Pintauli Dikenakan Sanksi Berat Potong Gaji Selama Setahun

The Supervisory Board (Dewas) of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) imposed a severe sanction in the form of a salary cut for the deputy chairman of the KPK, Lili Pintauli Siregar.

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Lili was proven to have committed an ethical violation, namely communicating with litigants at the KPK, namely the mayor of Nonactive Tanjungbalai M Syahrial, regarding the alleged bribery in the auction of positions.

“Punishing the examinee with a heavy witness and cutting the principal gas by 40 percent for 12 or more,” said the chairman of the Council, tampered with Panggabean during a press conference, Monday (30/8/2021).

However, in 2020, Lili was found guilty of committing a violation of ethical code and ethics еаkυ as the head of the KPK in the interest of аԁі, and in direct contact with the party whose case is being handled by the KPK, which is regulated in Article 4 letter b of the Supervisory Board regarding the enforcement of the code of ethics and good practice.

As for the things that eased Lili’s decision, namely admitting that she had never been sentenced to ethical sanctions before.

The aggravating sanction is that Lili does not show any remorse for her actions and, as the leader of the KPK, Lili should have investigated and investigated the KPK, but instead did the opposite.

The report on the ethics violation against Lili Pintauli was filed by the former director of the KPK’s Inter-Commissions and Agencies Network Development (PJKAKI) Sujanarko and the kpk, namely Nоνеӏ Baswedan аn Rizka Anungnata.


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