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A hotel clerk went into a rage after seeing trash strewn in one of the guest rooms who had just left the hotel, which went viral on social media. Even though in every hotel room there is a trash can. This officer was even surprised why he was still littering in the room.
Through video uploads on the Instagram account @pakde.brengos, Monday (30/08/2021). A woman’s voice was recorded, allegedly by a hotel clerk who went berserk after she was shocked to see the condition of the room filled with garbage.

“This is how Indonesians stay when staying at a hotel. Not all of them, but very often,” said the written statement in the video. In this 48-second video, it shows the condition of the hotel room after the guests left. Unexpectedly, the condition of the hotel room saw tissue waste scattered on the floor.

Seeing the condition of the room like that, the female hotel clerk recorded from this video immediately went berserk and satirized the bad habits of Indonesians in maintaining cleanliness.

“Oh, it’s normal for Indonesians to stop at hotels like this. Everything is a mess, I don’t know where the trash is. Throw all the tissues under the floor,” said the hotel clerk’s voice.

“This is how the Indonesians are because they pretend to have paid. And they don’t keep it clean, they just don’t know where to put the trash. It’s great that Indonesians usually just trash,” he continued.

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