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Most Fun – Instagram account @mintulgemintul shared a video showing two women dancing on TikTok at a meal. The two of them were seen fighting for what was thought to be their father’s meal.

What’s your opinion guys?” ask @mintulgemintul as Instagram caption as quoted, Sunday (29/8/2021).

In the video, the two are also seen sprinkling roses on the tombstone neatly. They also continue to apply health protocols, namely wearing masks. However, the action of the two was in the spotlight because they suddenly danced TikTok by moving their hands beside the grave in a relaxed manner.

One person dances behind the tombstone, while the other is next to the tomb. They danced with a casual thumbs up. Then the action they did immediately received criticism from netizens.

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Netizens considered the two women unethical at the funeral. Netizens also reprimanded the two who should have prayed and showed a solemn atmosphere during the pilgrimage. Not only that, netizens also considered that dancing was inappropriate.

You can take photos but after reading the Koran and praying. If you’re dancing, don’t!‘ reprimanded the netizen.

It’s really bad, his father is sad to see this,” added another.

This is what is said to be more important than knowledge, “said the netizen.

Create content that must be in place. Don’t be tacky pls, blasphemed the netizen.

RIP COMMON REASON!!!!!said another.

Entertaining yourself because you don’t have a father, don’t do that either. It’s an old man’s grave, it’s time to dance. Even though I’ve read the prayer, I still don’t deserve to be like that, you’re already big, hyung is not a kid anymore, “said the netizen.

If you want to dance at home, don’t share it for your own entertainment,” another suggestion.

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