Viral Video Wife Ready to Serve Husband in Front of the Penghulu

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The video confession of the bride is ready to serve her husband in front of a viral leader on social media. However, this statement was clarified by the headmaster.

This viral video of the bride was uploaded by the Instagram account @kamerapengawas, Saturday (28/8). In the video upload, it tells the story of a bride and groom carrying out a wedding ceremony procession.

The bride and groom in white clothes are seen facing each other with the head of the prince. In the middle they were blocked by a small table, a marriage book was seen there.

It was recorded that several families of the bride and groom witnessed the procession of this marriage contract. At that time, the head of the prince, dressed in a suit with a microphone in his hand, asked the bride in Indonesian and sometimes Javanese.

“What do you do to please your husband,” asked the prince.
“Eee..Serving,” replied the bride.
“Serve? Serve what?” chase the leader.

The bride smiled shyly, then was greeted by the laughter of the headmaster. Likewise the groom laughed beside his wife.

“Serving what, sis?” asked the chief again.
“Everything, sir?” replied the bride.
“Ha…” replied the prince surprised.

“Anyway, sir,” said the bride, somewhat nervously, with the mic raised to her lips.

“Accidentally?, if the tile leaks, do you work? not so my son. The pious wife’s answer is not arbitrary. There, but solid. Obedient. Obey your husband,” said the prince.

“Can you?” asked the chief. “I can,” replied the bride.

The event of this marriage contract is not yet known about the figure of the bride and her cute prince.

However, there are netizens who mention in one area of ​​East Java. “Wong Malang is ustad wkwkwkw,” commented @riswahyuputra.

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