Whiten Teeth Naturally In 3 Minutes, Here’s How!

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whitening teeth teeth whitening Baking Soda and Orange Juice For White Teeth

Check out how to whiten teeth naturally in just 3 minutes in this interesting video:

Having white teeth will certainly increase one’s self-confidence. The problem of yellow and stained teeth can be cleaned in various ways such as coming to the dentist. But if you don’t want to bother going to the doctor, you can use a variety of easy, effective ways to clean tartar.

You can use baking soda and lemon to whiten your teeth. Let’s see how to whiten the following teeth.

1. Drink Less Drinks Containing Caffeine

Love tea, coffee or soda? If, yes, your teeth are certainly at risk of becoming more yellow. If food or drink can stick to your white shirt and make spots, of course it can stick and leave marks on your teeth too.

2. How to Whiten Teeth, Consumption of Foods High in Potassium

Therefore, strengthening tooth enamel can be a way to prevent teeth from turning yellow. So, make sure every day to eat healthy foods that are rich in calcium, such as cheese and broccoli. It is important to know that tooth discoloration can be caused by erosion of tooth enamel exposing the underlying dentin.

3. Gargle with Apple Cider Vinegar

Have apple cider vinegar at home? Try it, use it to clean stubborn yellow teeth. The method is also easy, how come it can be used for gargling. Mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with 170 milliliters of clean water, this natural mouthwash can also be used.

Gargle regularly and periodically for 30 seconds, then rinse with clean water, and finish with a clean brush. Remember, apple cider vinegar is acidic so it can damage your teeth, so make sure to use it for a short time and clean it properly.

4. Quit Smoking

It is common knowledge that tobacco in cigarettes is one of the stains on teeth that is difficult to clean. The stain will penetrate the tooth enamel. The longer a person smokes, the deeper the tobacco stain will go, making it more difficult to clean.

5. How to Whiten Teeth with Veneers

Want to whiten your teeth? Veneer treatment can be tried. Veneers are thin layers of special material that serve to coat the surface of the teeth. Materials used as coatings vary, some are made of porcelain, composites, and ceramics.

This artificial coating can make your teeth whiter, cleaner, and more radiant. This procedure can also be done to correct uneven or messy tooth structure.

6. Whitening Toothpaste

Along with the times, there are actually many whitening toothpaste products that are sold freely on the market. However, specifically for whitening toothpaste that is prescribed by a doctor, the abrasive nature of the substance is stronger. As a result, this toothpaste is more effective at hiding tooth stains than regular toothpaste.

One effort to make teeth whiter can use whitening toothpaste containing abrasive (hard) substances such as alumina, silica, calcium carbonate, and calcium phosphate which can erode dull stains on teeth.

7. How to Whiten Teeth with Baking Soda and Orange Juice

There are various quick ways to be able to make teeth white and clean in a natural way. You can use baking soda and lemon juice to clean your teeth from tartar.

This is because baking soda contains ingredients that can cause erosion of the tooth layer and cause teeth to become sensitive. This material is also very easy to find and has alkaline properties that can clean teeth from stains.

Prepare some of the materials needed such as a bowl, baking soda, lemon, and a spoon. Next, pour half a teaspoon of baking soda into a bowl. Squeeze the lime with a dose of half a teaspoon as well. After that let stand the mixture of baking soda and lime until it produces a white foam. Stir with a spoon evenly until the foam disappears.

After letting it sit for a few minutes, the resulting texture will turn out to be a little thick and not too runny. If the liquid is in accordance with the intended texture, you can apply it using your fingers with your teeth. But if you are not comfortable, you can use a toothbrush or cotton for application.

Apply the liquid evenly on all parts of the tooth. Leave it for a minute or two to remove the tartar on the teeth. Do not be too long to apply this liquid on your teeth, because it will cause the teeth to become porous and easily brittle. After letting it sit for two minutes, you can rinse it with water by gargling with plain water.

By frequently applying a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice, your teeth will look whiter and cleaner. You can clean your teeth using this solution once a week for maximum results. It is better before using this method, you have consulted with your dentist to find out the impact of using the mixture.

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whiten teeth Baking Soda Mix with Other Ingredients For White Teeth

8. Mix Baking Soda with Other Ingredients for White Teeth

There are various ways to whiten teeth using baking soda. As already explained, baking soda contains an alkaline that is able to lift tartar on the teeth. In addition to orange juice, you can also use several other ingredients that function to make teeth look whiter quickly and of course safely.

If you don’t like the taste of lemon, you can use a strawberry mixture to clean your teeth. The combination of strawberries and baking soda is a natural teeth whitener that you can try. You can make toothpaste using these two ingredients. The trick is to mix the mashed strawberries with baking soda. After that apply it on your teeth for five minutes.

Another way is to mix baking soda with salt. By brushing your teeth using these two mixtures you will help to get rid of yellow teeth caused by smoking, drinking coffee or tea. Simply mix salt with baking soda and then add water little by little to mix well.

You can also prepare baking soda alone to clean tartar on your teeth. Prepare a container or use your palm as a baking soda container. After that, you can wet the toothbrush with water. Then apply the toothbrush to the container or palm of your hand that contains baking soda. You can think of baking soda as toothpaste and brush your teeth for about a minute.

How to Whiten Yellow Teeth Whiten Teeth Naturally in 3 Minutes

Here are some ways you can do to make your teeth look clean and white. Do some of these treatments regularly for once a week to produce clean teeth from dirt. Baking soda is proven to clean tartar effectively. This is because baking soda contains extra alkaline which is good for cleaning tartar on your teeth.

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