Witan’s Price Is More Expensive Than Egy When Lechia Was Brought…

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1NEWS – Lechia Gdansk had to spend a lot of money if they wanted to sign Witan Sulaeman, compared to when they brought in Egy Maulana Vikri for the first time.

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The name of the young star of the Indonesian national team, Witan Sulaeman, suddenly went viral after it was reported that he would join Lechia Gdansk.

After his contract was not extended at the Serbian club, FK Radnik Surdulica, the 19-year-old teenager from Palu was reportedly the target of Lechia Gdansk.

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It is sport interia, media from Poland who say that Lechia Gdansk wants to bring in Witan in the remainder of the transfer market this summer.

The issue also got ridicule from sports interia, who said that the arrival of Witan would bring back tens of thousands of Indonesian fans who had left along with the departure of Egy Maulana Vikri in early July 2021.

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It is not surprising indeed, considering that the majority of Indonesian national team fans followed the development of Lechia Gdansk because initially there was the figure of Egy Maulana Vikri there.

However, Lechia Gdansk at least had to spend money to bring Witan and also the Indonesian militant fans to the club’s official social media accounts.

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Based on data from transfermarkt, Lechia Gdansk must spend a minimum of 50 thousand euros or around Rp. 848 million to bring Witan.


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