16 Pre-Wedding Ideas with Lake Backgrounds that Make Your Photos More Beautiful. Uww, cute~

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For those who are preparing for a wedding, there must be a lot of things that must be prepared including pre-wedding or session photo before wedding. This photo session is indeed not an absolute thing and must be expensive, but everything can be conceptualized according to your preferences and your partner and the budget you can provide.

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Well, for you and your partner who want to capture pre-wedding photos, this time it’s Hipwee Wedding will give recommendations pose for a photo with a cool and beautiful lake background. Just take a look!

1. Photos with your back to the camera as if you and your partner really enjoy the atmosphere and activities on the lake, making your pre-wedding photos look natural

Credit via IG @ stories aboutsenja

2. If you want a photo that doesn’t touch but still creates a magical moment, you can pose by the lake with your partner while looking in different directions like this~

Credit via IG @visuelproject

3. The pose of holding hands and looking at each other like this can also give you a romantic impression! Moreover, coupled with a beautiful and calm lake background. Even if you use outfit casual, your photos are still beautiful!

Credit via IG @ink.photos

4. Walking barefoot by the lake while holding hands with your partner will make your photos look natural! This can really be an inspiration for you~

Credit via IG @nesnumoto

5. Still holding hands, you can also pose like you are walking hand in hand with your partner by the lake

Credit via IG @moirephoto

6. You can pose holding hands with your partner while facing the lake like this. Ugh, how romantic!

Credit via @luxiophoto

7. For couples who don’t want to pose with a romantic impression, you can pose as if you are doing a ‘high five’ with your partner. This kind of pose can show a sense of support and the lake setting can complete the atmosphere~

Credit via IG @luxiophoto

8. Sitting by the lake while looking to the side like this you can also use as inspiration for your pre-wedding photos

Credit via IG @luxiophoto

9. Photos by the lake while standing opposite each other, holding hands, and looking at each other can give the impression of mutual trust and your photos will look magical in a blur effect!

Credit via IG @luxiophoto

10. Trimming the distance by embracing each other is also very suitable with the lake scenery that tends to be calm~

Credit via IG @luxiophoto

11. For you and your partner who like activities outdoor like camping, you can do pre-wedding with a lake background while posing naturally like the situation in the morning when camping. It’s so much fun!

Credit via IG @kimiandsmithpictures

12. Want photos that look natural? You can take photos with the concept of water reflection like this. The reflection of you and your partner on the surface of the water can create a natural and romantic impression~

Credit via IG @kimiandsmithpictures

13. Back to the activity-loving partner outdoor, this time you and your partner can pose with outfit safari with a lake background to add to the impression of your adventurous spirit!

Credit via IG @ stories aboutsenja

14. Even though the photo is black and white, the photo poses looking at each other while enjoying ice cream with a lake background is also attached to a romantic atmosphere

Credit via IG @ stories aboutsenja

15. You and your partner can pose with each other like this by the lake to give the impression that no matter what happens, your partner will always be there. ugh, sweet!

Credit vis IG @luxiophoto

16. Finally, you and your partner take a photo with a leaning pose while facing the lake. Close your eyes so that your photo looks like you are living the calm lake atmosphere~

Credit via Ig @ stories aboutsenja

To get a warm impression on your photos, you can do a photo session in the morning when the sun starts to appear. But, if you want a cool and cool atmosphere, you can do it in the late afternoon. Hopefully it can be your inspiration, yes!


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