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Tutorial to keep your face glowing when wearing a mask

Dream – Outdoor activities during the pandemic are not as usual. We spend more time indoors.

When we have to go out, of course we still want to look optimal even though we are wearing a mask. Moreover, if Dream Friends have to attend a formal event such as a wedding.

Water Conditions at Home Can Cause Hair Coloring Mistakes

Eye makeup is one of the main ways to keep your appearance attractive when wearing a mask.

You can add some other makeup products to complete the look. So, even when you open the mask, your face will still steal your attention. If you want to apply makeup with a natural and attractive appearance, here’s the tutorial.

1. Using skincare

Using Skincare© Shutterstock

Make sure you clean your face and use skin care products. If you want to apply makeup in the morning or afternoon, don’t forget to wear sunscreen after applying toner and moisturizer. Do not use sunscreen found in other products for maximum protection.

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