4 Sweet Phrases That Are Precisely a “Trap” for Children’s Future. Listen carefully!

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Every parent always wants to give praise to their children so that they are more confident. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as the appreciation given is real. For example, when a child wins the class, it is natural for you to say to a child like this, “You are smart son, Mama is proud”. Moms give praise to the child because he is the champion of the class and it’s real. That way the child is also proud because he achieved and deserves praise.

What you should know, not all praise given to children will have a positive impact in the future. Even some of the sweet words spoken by parents actually have a bad impact, especially when he grows up later. Moms certainly don’t want the child to be overconfident just because of a parent’s mistake in giving praise or just excessive sweet words. What’s the example like?

1. “You are the most beautiful/handsome and perfect mama’s daughter”

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Without realizing it, Moms must have said these words, especially when they were alone with their children. But it turns out, it has a bad impact, Moms. This is also based on a study from Psychological Science, indulgence in perfect words makes children overconfident. That way, the child will always think of himself as the most perfect.

2. “I’m sure you can get anything you want”

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Some parents may think these words are a form of parental support to their children. But it can also make children get things in ways that harm others. Psychologist Erica Reishcher has also written that, “Telling children that they can do anything – whether driven by imagination or hard work – obscures the important role opportunity plays in success.

The reality is, not every child who wants to be a surgeon can become a surgeon, even if they work hard at it.”

3. “Cheer up, son, I’m sure you will get good grades”

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All parents must be very happy when their children excel. However, achievement does not have to be measured by good grades. The intention of parents throwing words like that is actually a form of encouragement for the child. But on the other hand, children feel pressured because they are required to always get good grades so as not to disappoint their parents.

4.”it’s ok, Don’t be sad and don’t be afraid, kid.”

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Basically, it’s natural for children to feel sad or afraid. A parent’s mistake when their child is sad or afraid is to say, “It’s okay, it’s okay son”. This will only make the child feel relieved temporarily. The truth is, you should be able to manage your child’s feelings when they’re feeling scared or sad. Avoid denying what your child feels, Moms. For children, feelings of sadness, disappointment and fear are things that cannot be denied.

There is nothing wrong with giving sweet words of praise to children. This will make the child feel happy. However, it is necessary to look at the condition whether it will have a good impact on the child’s growth or even worse. From now on, Moms must know that sweet words like the one above will only have a bad impact on children. Hope it’s useful, Moms!

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