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1NEWS – In today’s technological era, all information seems to be in your hands. Simply by surfing using a gadget, you can already get information about things you want to know. No exception finding out about the condition of the body that you are feeling.

The danger is precisely when you feel sure you are suffering from a disease, without ever checking it to a doctor. If so, it means you have self-diagnosed. The term used when someone diagnoses a disease that is being experienced based on an independent search for information.

Apparently, self-diagnosis is also widely used to check mental health. Although actually looking for mental health symptoms on the internet is not always wrong, don’t forget to cross-check by visiting a psychologist or professional psychiatrist to find out what mental health problems you are experiencing. Moreover, self-diagnosis related to mental health has several dangers that you may not be aware of. According to a press release Riliv, here is the review.

Self-diagnosis only makes you panic

Did you know that humans have an instinct to tend to think about the worst that could happen to them? That’s why it’s easier to assume bad things when self-diagnosing. In the end, self-diagnosing will only make you experience panic that shouldn’t happen.

Self-diagnosis makes the real disease or disorder ignored

You may believe you have an anxiety disorder, but actually you have major depression. It could be the opposite or not both.

When self-diagnosing, you don’t really know what illness or mental health disorder you are experiencing. You’re just guessing things that aren’t necessarily true. This is a problem, because you can’t get proper treatment.

Self-diagnosis can worsen your mental health condition

One of the risks of self-diagnosing is that it can worsen your mental health condition. This can happen because you are too panicked and stressed, not treating the mental health problem you are experiencing, or even getting the wrong medication.

Each mental health problem has its own treatment. Some can be overcome with therapy, some require certain drugs. The downside of self-diagnosis is that you don’t really know the right treatment for mental health problems. It could be that you are taking the wrong step by using a product that has negative side effects.

Self-diagnosis can make you deny the health problems you are experiencing

Usually, a person will conclude the worst when doing a self-diagnosis. However, it turns out that the opposite is also true. Not infrequently there are people who choose to deny mental health disorders that are being experienced.

They generally feel that their mental health problems are not too severe. In fact, denial will not solve the problem. Because, it could be a mental health problem that requires immediate treatment so that it doesn’t get worse.

Often self-diagnosing makes you reluctant to consult an expert

After googling mental health problems, you feel no need to consult a psychologist anymore. Because, you think you already know the symptoms experienced without expert help.

If it is done too often, self-diagnosis can lead to trust issues to psychologists and psychiatrists. This can happen because you have too much confidence in the diagnosis obtained from the internet. You tend to trust the internet, not the experts.

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