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There are several guidelines for using a jumpsuit according to one’s body shape.

Dreams – Predicate as clothes that can be worn all year round is very suitable to be given to jumpsuits. Outfit of this model is always suitable for use in both hot and cold weather.

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In winter you can add a jacket to the outer jumpsuit to keep it warm. But if you wear it when the sun is scorching hot, you can simply wear a jumpsuit made from absorbing sweat.

Although it can be used by everyone, there are some guidelines for wearing a jumpsuit to fit one’s body shape. Let’s follow the guide:

1. Apple body shape

For owners of an apple-shaped body that has volume at the top, you can look slim at the bottom by wearing a v-neck jumpsuit to make you look more attractive.

You can also do this method if you want to show off your long legs.

Tips: Try to find a jumpsuit with layers of fabric such as ruffles as this will create the illusion of a fuller bust. As Priyanka Chopra once did when wearing a polka dot jumpsuit with a body-shaping bodice, this look is classy.

Priyanka Chopra© La Perla/Fustany.com

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2. Pear or round body shape

This body shape refers to those with broad hips and narrow shoulders. Wearing a jumpsuit can be one solution to look charming.

For example, an off-shoulder jumpsuit or even a strapless that is tighter at the top but looser or a wide fit at the bottom.

Tip: Just like the apple shape, find a jumpsuit that accentuates your curves like trying an open v-neck jumpsuit. Like J-Lo who looks stunning in a jumpsuit with a dangling neckline because it creates a balanced curve.

If you want something simpler, try wearing a colored jumpsuit or a print piece that creates the illusion of a full body.

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3. Rectangular or athletic body shape

A rectangular or athletic body is easier to pair with a jumpsuit. Try using a bodysuit because it can show which parts of the body you want to highlight.

Tip: Try different jumpsuit shapes or motifs to see which one fits better. Also consider which areas you want to emphasize. In general, be careful not to overdo it, pick something that looks easy even though it’s not.

4. Hourglass body shape

You can wear a jumpsuit with a waist circumference to make it look slim. Avoid high-necked jumpsuits as they will create a strange and elongated effect on the body.

Tip: Focus and create the illusion of a small waist. This method will make you slimmer.

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5. Petite body shape (small)

Look for jumpsuits that make you look tall, such as a slim fit or a semi-tight fit. Add a belt or corset to accentuate the legs. Another way to look tall is Eva Longoria, who wears a nude jumpsuit with high heels.

6. Tall

If you are tall, look for a jumpsuit that fits your feet. Try a flair or bell bottom jumpsuit like Kendall Jenner’s.

Kendall Jenner© Daily Mail

To create a body shape, you can wear a jumpsuit that is tight in the middle.

Tip: Focus on finding a jumpsuit with the perfect foot size. You can also choose a jumpsuit without straps to make it more proportional.

When you try on a jumpsuit according to your body shape, make sure you are comfortable wearing it. Explore as many types of jumpsuits as you can to find one that fits your body.

Source: Fustany.com
Report: Elyzabeth Yulivia

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