6 Mesra photos of Adipati Dolken and Canti Tachril, Make Baper!

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Duke of Dolken and Canti Tachril

Adipati Dolken and Canti Tachril after officially getting married in Bangka Belitung, 18 December 2020 and then uploading photos of them together more often. In fact, the two of them did not hesitate to share an intimate portrait.

Movie star Friends But Married this was not long in a relationship with Canti. However, both of them are steadily stepping into marriage.

Not surprisingly, the wedding of Adipati Dolken and Canti Tachril immediately caught the attention of many who dubbed the day as “National Heartbreak Day”.

After eight months of marriage, this couple seems to be more intimate and does not hesitate to share their happy portraits.

Thus making netizens often exasperated and frustrated with their behavior on social media.

Like recently, when they were living honeymoon to Ubud, Bali.

6 Friendly Photos of Duke Dolken and Canti Tachril

What are the intimate photos of Adipati Dolken and Canti Tachril uploaded on their respective social media? Come on, take a peek here!

1. The intimate pose of Duke Dolken and Canti Tachril when waking up husband

The intimate pose of Duke Dolken and Canti Tachril when waking up husband

Due to conditions like now, the Duke and Canti can only do honeymoon. It can be seen in the shared photos that the two of them are so intimate as if the world only belongs to the two of them!

In post-an video moment honeymoon which was shared on her Instagram account, Canti looked cute waking up the artist who is familiarly called Dodot.

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2. Pose Hand in Hand with Friendly

Duke Dolken and wife Hand in hand intimate pose (Instagram/@cantitachril)

Adipati and his wife chose to stay in a villa located in Ubud, Bali. In one of his posts, it can be seen that they are having funexplore the stairs. Adipati and Canti seemed to show off a romantic moment when holding hands on a sunny day.

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3. Swim Together

Duchess of Dolken Swimming Moments Together (Instagram/@cantitachril)

Only alone in the villa, the two decided to swim together. Happiness could be seen on both of their faces.

While enjoying the moment of swimming, big smiles appeared on their faces. After that, the two of them enjoyed the menu brunch, and the Duke looked hungrily when eat while being fed by his beloved wife.

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4. Lips Kiss Photo

Duke Dolken and wife Lips Kiss Photo (Instagram/@cantitachril)

In another portrait, Adipati and Canti are seen kissing lips. The intimacy of the two continued on the boat which was also uploaded on Instagram.

In another portrait, Adipati almost kisses his beloved wife’s cheek.

I kissed an actor (I kissed an actor)!!!!!!!!!!!!” Canti proudly wrote, which was shared on Sunday 22 August 2021.

See post-an, of course, immediately triggered the comments of the netizens and fellow artists. One of them, from Ganindra Bimo.

Make ahhhh… same almo,” said Ganindra Bimo in the comments column.

“Haha how does it feel to be bullied by an actor sis?” ask one netizens @sofiesitis account owner.

@sofiesitis skit muluuu,‘ replied Canti.

Even so, there is also netizens who wants to know Canti’s feelings when uploading the portrait. Getting a question like that, Canti admitted that she was not ashamed.

Meanwhile, netizens others consider the portrait of a kiss to be normal because they are officially married.

5. Compact When Celebrating Eid

6 Mesra photos of Adipati Dolken and Canti Tachril, Make Baper! Compact When Celebrating Eid Al-Fitr (Instagram/@cantitachril)

In another photo thatpost when celebrating the moment of Eid al-Fitr, some time ago, the two looked compact.

Even though they don’t wear uniforms and matching colors, they look like a complementary couple.

Cantika, who was wearing a black brackets shirt with white stripes and a white skirt, looked comfortable in her husband’s arms, who was wearing a white shirt and beige trousers.

In addition to embracing his wife, Adipati is also seen smiling at each other with the woman he loves.

6. Aesthetic Portrait When Kissing Intimately

6 Mesra photos of Adipati Dolken and Canti Tachril, Make Baper! Aesthetic Portrait When Kissing Intimately (Instagram/@cantitachril)

Adipati and Canti not only once uploaded a passionate kissing moment to their social media. However, Adipati has also stolen attention whenpost aesthetic portrait while kissing his wife intimately.

In the photo, Adipati and Canti can be seen kissing each other on the lips so intimately in the swimming pool.

The portrait of the two also looks aesthetic against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset.

Hehehe,” wrote Adipati briefly in caption the photo.

Those are the intimate photos of Adipati Dolken and Canti Tachril shared on their respective Instagram accounts.

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