8 Facts about Yeonwoo Ex Momoland, Lee Min Ho’s New Girlfriend?

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The name Yeonwoo, ex-Momoland, is now a hot topic of conversation. Not without reason, the beautiful woman is said to be in a special relationship with top actor Lee Min Ho.

However, the issue of the closeness of the two was denied by MYM Entertainment, the agency that houses the actors who shined through dramas Boys Before Flowers the. The agency said the relationship between the artist and Yeonwoo, ex-Momoland, was just friends.

Even so, the issue of their love relationship has been widely blown. The fans were then made even more curious about the figure of a long-haired artist who managed to conquer the heart of a Lee Min Ho.

8 Facts about Yeonwoo Ex Momoland Reportedly Close to Lee Min Ho

1. His real name is Lee Da-bin


Lee Da-bin, that’s the real name of this beautiful actress. He was later better known by his stage name, Yeonwoo. His name became widely known after he debuted as a member of the music group Momoland in 2016.

This long-haired girl was born in Seoul on August 1, 1996, but lives in Chungju, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea. Now he is 25 years old.

2. Have Criteria for the Ideal Type of Boy

Yeonwoo Instagram/@chloelxxlxx

Her ideal type is a guy who has a fun personality and can make her laugh. Interestingly, he also likes someone who doesn’t seem to like him at first but actually really likes him.

The fans then matched him with GOT7 member, Jackson Wang. The reason is that Jackson, who has a humorous personality in real life, is considered a person who fits Yeonwoo’s ideal type.

In addition, this girl whose real name is Lee Da-bin has also mentioned Defcon as her ideal type because she prefers cute men.

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3. Yeonwoo’s Beauty Has Been Stealing Attention Since Teenagers

Yeonwoo teenager

At the photo shoot for International BNT magazine, she became a hot topic because of her very beautiful appearance. There are rumors that he has had a series of plastic surgeries.

She finally commented on the leaked pre-debut photos that could prove that she was naturally beautiful from birth. Yeonwoo said that the photo was taken after he lost weight.

Yeonwoo admitted that he was very fat before his debut and weighed more than 60 kg. He also went on a strict diet by eating only one egg and one glass of milk a day while still a trainee.

4. Likes to draw and likes to watch anime

Reportedly Close to Lee Min Ho, Here Are 8 Facts About Yeonwoo Ex-Momoland Instagram/@chloelxxlxx

Even though he is said to have bad handwriting, in fact this former member of Momoland is talented in drawing. In his spare time, he admits that he likes to draw his group members.

In addition, he also really likes anime. So, watching anime is an activity that he often does. He also claims to be a big fan of Whitebeard from One Piece.

5. Graduated from Prestigious Art School

Reportedly Close to Lee Min Ho, Here Are 8 Facts About Yeonwoo Ex-Momoland Instagram/@chloelxxlxx

Yeonwoo is an alumni of SOPA or School of Performing Arts Seoul. This school is also one of the most prestigious schools in Korea. How not, SOPA became the alma mater for many idols in the Ginseng Country.

6. Quit Momoland Who Raised His Name

Yeonwoo Instagram/@chloelxxlxx

In November 2019, Yeonwoo decided to leave Momoland, the girl group that had made his name. In fact, he and his colleagues have won a number of awards.

Momoland itself is under the auspices of MLD Entertainment. Although he has officially left the group, he is still an artist under the same agency.

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7. Acting Debut

Reportedly Close to Lee Min Ho, Here Are 8 Facts About Yeonwoo Ex-Momoland Instagram/@chloelxxlxx

He made his acting debut by making a cameo in the drama The Liar and His Lover in 2017. Next, he officially made his acting debut through the drama Happy Talk 2.

Yeonwoo returned to acting through a drama called Tempted. After that, his face began to appear frequently in several drama titles, including Pegasus Market (2019), Touch (2019), Alice (2020), and Cheat on Me, Of You Can (2020).

8. Yeonwoo was spotted with Lee Min Ho on his birthday

Yeonwoo and Lee Min Ho

Rumors about the closeness of the two lovebirds surfaced after a series of photos of the two while together were widespread. The photo was released by Dispatch. The media also reported that Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo had been dating for five months.

Lee Min Ho was caught on camera spending time with Yeonwoo in the early hours of August 1, 2021. Right on the 25-year-old actress’s birthday.

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