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Jesselyn Lauwreen finally came out as the winner of MasterChef Indonesia Season 8. This beautiful girl from Medan defeated her rival, Nadya Puteri in the Grand Final of MasterChef Indonesia Season 8, which took place on Sunday (29/8/2021). Jesselyn revealed this happy news on his Instagram account @jesselyn.mci8.

Jesselyn admitted that she did not expect to win the most prestigious cooking competition in Indonesia. He thanked those who had supported him. What was Jesselyn’s struggle like to win the MasterChef event? Check out the full story below.

Jesselyn’s hard work during the competition

Jesselyn’s victory was indeed the result of her hard work and perseverance during the competition. He is not tired of studying from morning to night to produce the best dishes. Jesselyn is always looking for tips and new things from cookbooks and social media. He is willing to be away from family and friends in order to realize his dream of becoming a champion.

Jesselyn’s Note [sumber gambar]

While studying in her room, Jesselyn likes watching reruns of MasterChef Indonesia Season 5, 6, 7. She hopes to survive and make it to the final round. No wonder Jesselyn always gives the best, even though sometimes the results are not perfect.

Amaze the judges in the final of MasterChef Indonesia Season 8

In the final round, Jesselyn and her opponent, Nadya, had to make a complete dish. Jesselyn chose to serve Thai specialties. To appetizer, Jesselyn cooks Thai Wing Bean Salad. Whereas for main course, Jesselyn made Modern Massaman Curry. Last for dessert, Jesselyn serves Mock Pomegranate Seeds in Syrup and Coconut Cream.

Jesselyn and the jury [sumber gambar]

Apparently, the three dishes won the hearts of the judges. Jesselyn scored 1940, superior to Nadya who only scored 1919. Jesselyn’s cooking led her to become the champion of MasterChef Indonesia Season 8.

Jesselyn kept her promise to Lord Adi

Who would have thought, Jesselyn turned out to be quite close to one of the participants of MasterChef Season 8 who is familiarly called Lord Adi. Jesselyn already considers Adi as a friend, father, as well as a doctor who always accompanies him.

Jesselyn and Adi [sumber gambar]

Lord Adi’s loss in the top three made Jesselyn feel sad. But he promises to win the MasterChef trophy for Lord Adi, for making himself a better person and a smarter and calmer cook. Jesselyn managed to keep that promise by bringing home the MasterChef Indonesia trophy.

Graduated from a renowned cooking school in Paris

Jesselyn’s cooking talent seems to have been inherited by her family. It is known that Jesselyn is the grandson of Juliet and Tamin who has founded the Miramar Medan restaurant since 1972. Jesselyn’s family is also famous for having many businesses in the culinary field. Call it, Mancari Kopi, and

Jesselyn in Paris [sumber gambar]

Prior to joining the MasterChef event, Jesselyn studied at Le Cordon Bleu, the best cooking school in Paris. This girl who was born on March 1, 2000 became the youngest participant in MasterChef Indonesia Season 8.

Rows of gifts for Jesselyn

Jesselyn wins MasterChef [sumber gambar]

As the winner, Jesselyn received a number of prizes of fantastic value. This 21-year-old girl brought home Rp100 million in cash. He also got a car and a set of cooking utensils. Jesselyn plans to use the gift to expand opportunities and share with others.

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Even though Jesselyn already holds the title as the champion of MasterChef Indonesia Season 8, Jesselyn doesn’t want to stop fighting. According to Jesselyn, this victory was just the beginning for her. He promised to continue learning so that his cooking skills became even better.

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