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Having a special monument, seems to be mandatory for every country. Indonesia with its Monas, Japan with its Tokyo Tower, to America with its Statue of Liberty. Besides being a symbol for a country, the monument can also attract tourists to continue to come to the country.

Speaking of unique monuments in each country, you must be the year of the Statue of Unity. Yes, the statue that has managed to match the height of Liberty in America has become the pride of India. But did you know that the first construction was inseparable from the pros and cons. Then is it true? Let’s not curious see the following reviews.

Statues in India that Liberty has lost

Since 2018, the name of the Statue of Liberty from America as the tallest in the world has been deposed by India. The establishment of the Statue of Unity set a new record as the tallest statue. The figure depicted by this statue is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, one of the figures in India who succeeded in uniting hundreds of princes until India is united as it is today.

Statue of Unity [sumber gambar]

The strength of this statue can not be separated from its manufacture which has been planned for a long time and is mature. With a bronze plate, this statue seems to reflect light and will remain visible even at night. For some people, this statue is a pride.

Suffering for some

It turns out that the establishment of this statue can not be separated from the pros and cons. This is inseparable from its manufacture which turns out to be quite expensive. Reporting from the Grid page, the equivalent of 6.4 trillion has been spent to build this Patel statue. That number is not small, considering that it can be used for other interests of its citizens.

Many are against [sumber gambar]

As a result, the construction of this statue has even sparked scathing criticism from many circles. Especially considering that many people who live around the statue area are still experiencing severe poverty. The money used to build the statue in 2018 will certainly be very useful if it is channeled to agriculture.

Poor farmers in India

Farmers in India are not all who experience a prosperous life. Reporting from the BBC page, many of them turned out to be experiencing drought, especially poor farmers. Those who do not have their own irrigation facilities in a year can only harvest once.

Indian Drought [sumber gambar]

Very different when compared to the rich farmers who have facilities that can be three times a year. So naturally, although half of India’s population works in the agricultural sector, the GDP generated from it is only 15%. This inequality, of course, should be a serious discourse because it relates to the fate of its citizens who suffer.

The reason this statue is still standing

However, there are several reasons why this statue was inaugurated in 2018. All because the Indian government wants its people to remember the heroes of the nation. So, it is not only a matter of competing to make tall statues with other countries, but there is also a philosophy.

Sturdy standing [sumber gambar]

Not only that, with the construction of the tallest statue in the world, it is hoped that local residents will also have a significant impact. Considering the Statue of Unity is a new icon of tourism, it opens up opportunities for local residents to open new businesses. Whether it’s lodging, selling souvenirs, and others. Yes, although the purpose is good, the inauguration of this statue cannot be separated from criticism.

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Indeed, the construction of this statue is a proof to the world that India can compete with other countries. But apparently it was even opposed by some of the people themselves who are suffering. What is clear, we hope that the statue can help the economy of the residents in the vicinity.

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