Break Up With Civil Servant, Then Reject A Pilot’s Application, This Woman Prefers To Marry A Bus Driver, The Reason Is Salute – 1NEWS

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Inspirational and romantic story comes from a woman of Javanese blood. The journey of love is so slick and full of valuable lessons. Especially for those who want to get married.

She is Primastuti Dewi Pobo. While still a girl, the woman who is familiarly called Dewi had a relationship with a Civil Servant (PNS).

There was confusion that made the Goddess had to separate. Until he met a pilot from a well-known airline in Indonesia. The man from Spain also took Dewi to a serious level.

But various considerations made Dewi finally break off the relationship. Until unexpectedly, love anchored to the heart of a ‘bus driver’ named Nacho.

Unlike the former before. Nacho looks simple, even though he actually belongs to Spain. Never even acknowledged his real work to others. Every time he came to his homeland, he would claim to be a ‘bus driver’.

Intrigued by the journey of this inspiring woman’s romantic story? The following is the review, as reported by Dewi Pobo’s YouTube channel, Tuesday (31/8).

Not a few people think that if you marry a civil servant, your life will be guaranteed. Similarly, the opinion received by Primastuti Dewi Pobo when dating a civil servant.

“So the story used to be that my boyfriend was a civil servant candidate, now he has become an employee. Long story short, finally I broke up with him, there are many considerations, “said Dewi.

But it didn’t last long, the love story of the two had to end.

“Because I don’t want to have a civil servant husband. It’s not condescending, because my parents are also civil servants Servant of the State. I finally broke up with him, something was up,” he continued.

There is a feeling stuck in the mind of the Goddess. If he enjoys people’s money, even if it comes from hard work. Of course it will be a big responsibility and quite heavy for the Goddess.

“There is an inner war. Because being a civil servant is a very difficult challenge for me, even though life is guaranteed as a civil servant wife. But there is a heavy moral burden for me. I am paid by the people, and I eat people’s money. And that was all my life until I died. Am I able to carry out the mandate,” said Dewi.

The journey of love continues, Dewi is again close to a man. He is a pilot of Spanish blood and has resided in Jakarta.

“I met an airplane driver. An Indonesian pilot intends to have a serious relationship with me to the level of marriage. I also asked myself. Can you not be the wife of a pilot?” said the Goddess.

Relationships are getting serious. But Dewi’s heart was wavering again. Thinking about marriage, of course, requires mental preparation.

“Because I decided to get married, it wasn’t so that my life would be fulfilled by my husband. But it’s more about preparing myself, can I accompany my husband, “he added.

A unanimous decision, his love story again disappeared in the middle of the road. Dewi admitted that she was not strong if she had to be in the circle of the pilot’s friendship with the artists.

“I don’t know why I wasn’t even ready. His environment was also from the artist circle, I was a bit uncomfortable at that time. Finally I decided to him, if you can not continue the relationship. I’m afraid I’m not strong and stress myself,” he concluded.

Unexpectedly, along the way, love brings Dewi to know a ‘bus driver’. The Spanish man named Nacho appeared simple and sociable.

“Finally I decided to marry the bus driver, namely my husband, Nacho. Be friends first and don’t have any expectations. Nacho is a fun person and I’ve never asked him what he does, what his salary is. It’s more fun to chat and connect, “said Dewi.

Every time he filled out the form, Nacho never acknowledged his real job and chose to write as a ‘bus driver’.

“I met the Nacho in Lombok. One day Nacho was about to move hotels. Then when I came home from work, I wanted to accompany him. When filling out the form, Nacho wrote that it was a bus driver. Okay, bus driver,” said Dewi.

This is what Nacho has done until now. Finally, Dewi’s husband was also known as a ‘bus driver’. Many conveniences are present.

“One day I asked Nacho, how lucky become a bus driver abroad. He laughs. He said, why do Indonesian hotels have job questions? Nacho wrote there deliberately did not want to write his real identity. Many things we have one frequency. In the end, he is my last port,” he said.

There is an inspiring message from the Goddess. Even though her husband is not as rich as the former ones, he is sure that there is sustenance from Allah that cannot be doubted.

“If someone says that I married a Caucasian because of material things, to be honest, Nacho is an outsider close to me who has the least money. It doesn’t mean poor. But I never doubted the sustenance from Allah, whatever his condition and circumstances. Because I was also born to fight, God willing, God will provide sustenance,” said Dewi.

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