Chef Juna ‘Retired’ from MasterChef Indonesia? This is his career

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Signal 'Retirement' from MasterChef Indonesia, This is the Story of Chef Juna's Career Journey

Chef Juna, one of the judges at the MasterChef Indonesia event recently made a scene by giving a code that he would retire from the event that had made his name. Having been in the culinary world for decades, what has Chef Juna’s career been like?

The owner’s full name Junior John Rorimpandey was born in Manado, North Sulawesi, on July 20, 1975. He is one of the most popular celebrity chefs in Indonesia. He started his career abroad, to be precise in the United States.

Even though he now has a big name, it turns out that Chef Juna started his career from the bottom. He never even attended formal education to become a chef. How’s the story?

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Signal Retirement, This is Chef Juna’s Career Story

1. Migrate to America for Pilot School

Source: Instagram @junaroimpandey

Through a podcast with presenter Deddy Corbuzier, Chef Juna tells about his career journey. He said that he entered the culinary world by ‘accident’.

How did it happen? It turned out that early after graduating from high school, he had continued his education at Trisakti University, but did not manage to finish it. This 46-year-old man then took the initiative to migrate to America and attend pilot school,

To pursue his dream, he even had to sell his beloved Harley motorcycle. The man who is known for his firm and fierce character departed only with one suitcase and did not know anyone in the country.

2. Experiencing the Impact of the Economic Crisis

Chef Juna Retired Source: Instagram @junaroimpandey

Having not finished studying to get a commercial pilot certificate, Chef Juna was forced to bury his dream because of the economic crisis in 1998 that hit.

The pilot school where he studied went bankrupt and his family’s economy also declined so he could not provide support to continue his studies. At that time Chef Juna refused to give up returning to his homeland and he insisted on staying in America.

He also lives concernedly in a narrow apartment room occupied by 8 people. In order to survive, he rummages through the trash and looks for the remnants of money he can find on the street. According to him, it is taboo to borrow money from people when they have no income.

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3. Starting a Career as a Waiter

Signal 'Retirement' from MasterChef Indonesia, This is the Story of Chef Juna's Career Journey Source: Instagram @junaroimpandey

Chef Juna started his career in the culinary world when he got the opportunity to work in a restaurant. Her career started as a waitress. At that time his status was also an illegal worker so he could only work odd jobs, especially since he was only a high school graduate.

Despite being just a rude employee, Chef Juna is determined to do her best. He carries out his duties well and is always on time at work. Seeing his dedication, the chef at the restaurant where he worked offered to train him.

Chef Juna was eventually promoted to a sushi helper or assistant chef who helps make sushi. He tries to get out of his comfort zone by learning cooking skills.

4. Become a Chef Without Formal Schooling

Chef Juna Retired Source: Instagram @junaroimpandey

Thanks to his hard work, he finally managed to get a Permanent Resident from his job. In 2002 he became the head chef at the traditional Japanese restaurant.

Several years passed, Citra Anidya’s lover was bored with Japanese cuisine. He also tried to study in another field, namely French culinary. He works at The French Laundry restaurant.

Returning to Indonesia, Chef Juna became Executive Chef at Jack Rabbit, a restaurant that was established in Jakarta until 2011. Five years later he opened his own restaurant called ‘Correlate’ in Kuningan, South Jakarta.

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5. Chef Juna Signs Retirement from MasterChef Indonesia

Signal 'Retirement' from MasterChef Indonesia, This is the Story of Chef Juna's Career Journey Source: Instagram @junaroimpandey

After the MasterChef Indonesia 2021 event ended in its Grand Final episode, Chef Juna uploaded a photo of himself and his colleagues, namely Arnold Poernomo and Renata Moeloek. He also hinted that he would retire from the event.

MasterChef Indonesia Grand Final. What a journey… we finally came to the end. Congratulations to @jesselyn.mci8 and @nadya.mci8 who made it to the grand final. Really appreciate your struggle and effort. Time to say goodbye to @arnoldpo @renattamoeloek and @masterchefina… Thank you all crew. May joy take you to your next journey,‘ he wrote in English.

Chef Juna said goodbye and thanked his colleagues and crew for helping him at the MasterChef Indonesia event. It is suspected that he will not be joining the show again in the following season. However, this has not been further confirmed by the parties concerned.

Although there has been no official confirmation about the veracity of Chef Juna’s issue of retirement from MasterChef Indonesia, Chef Juna’s career journey to date is indeed interesting and can inspire us. Hard work and never give up are really needed to get it survive in this world. is Parents also like Chef Juna and MasterChef Indonesia events?

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