China Bans Homework and Written Exams for Grade 1 and 2 Elementary School Students –

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The Chinese government announced that all schools would not conduct written exams for students in grades one and two of primary or elementary schools. The ban is seen as an attempt by the Chinese government to lift pressure on students and their parents in a competitive education system.
Before the ban was announced, students in China were required to take a written test from first grade of elementary school to university at the age of 18. The practice, according to the education minister, is a pressure that endangers the “physical and mental health” of students.

“Exams are a necessary part of school education…[namun] Some schools have various problems such as excessive exams which can cause students to carry too much burden… This must be corrected,” said China’s education ministry. New rules issued by the Chinese government also limit the number of exams schools can take per semester.

“Class one and two elementary schools do not need to take written exams. For other classes, the school can hold a final exam every semester. Mid-semester exams are allowed for junior high school students. Local governments are not allowed to hold regional or inter-school exams for all levels in elementary schools,” said China’s Ministry of Education.

“Weekly exams, unit exams, monthly exams and so on are also not allowed to be held for junior high school students who are not yet on the way to graduation. Covert exams held under different names such as academic research are also not allowed,” the statement added.

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