Claiming to be a Victim of Persecution from Ahok’s Son, Beautiful Celebrity Ayu Thalia Shows Bruised Feet | Most Exciting

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Most Fun – Allegedly being a victim of abuse by Ahok’s son, Nicholas Sean, on Friday (27/8/2021), Ayu Thalia suffered injuries to her body. The FTV star also admitted that he was pushed from the car until he fell. Ayu then reported Nicholas Sean to the authorities.

A few days later, Ayu showed her bruised leg. He also showed other body parts that had red lines such as under the right and left knees.

“23.42,” wrote Ayu Thalia on Instagram on Monday (30/8/2021).

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Ayu did not provide a clearer explanation on the photo upload of the bruised leg. In the description of her upload, Ayu also included a bowed face emoji. Several netizens who saw the upload were seen asking about the alleged abuse case of the son of the former deputy governor of DKI Jakarta.

“Sis, it’s in the news right? Sean was violent with his brother?” ask @giordanoo111.

“Could you please help me?” said @chrisshuo123 while pinning the lawyer’s Instagram account.

Ayu Thalia was reported to have reported Nicholas Sean on suspicion of mistreatment to the Penjaringan Metro Police, North Jakarta. The incident started when Nicholas Sean came to Ayu’s office which is a Prestige car showroom to discuss their relationship.

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Then they chatted in the car. However, I don’t know what they are talking about. Not long after, Ahok’s son was provoked by emotion and then said he would not meet Ayu and then pushed the 25-year-old woman.

“During the conversation in the car, the perpetrator was hurt and he said he didn’t want to see me again,” said Ayu Thalia.

“The perpetrator then pushed me from the car until I fell and was injured,” he added explaining.

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