Commemorating Malaysia’s Independence, Chong Wei Remembers Nasi Lemak in Canada

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1NEWS, Malaysian badminton legend, Lee Chong Wei, commemorates his country’s independence day by reminiscing about his journey when competing in a faraway land. During the trip, Chong Wei pointed out that “Malaysian food” was one of the factors that made him win the tournament.

In the column he wrote in Malaysia Now, Chong Wei tells of his journey to the United States and Canada in an attempt to earn points for the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics. At that time, Chong Wei was ranked 99 in the world and needed a lot of points to get to the Olympics.

“Like other international championships, before leaving, Chong Wei must bring Maggi, Milo, and PingPong Hup Seng biscuits. If not, it’s better not to fly, baby!” wrote Chong Wei.

Maggi, Milo, and PingPong biscuits are some of the foods that are indeed popular in Malaysia. However, there are times when all these supplies run out while Chong Wei must raise the mood to face the final of a tournament in Calgary, Canada.

Chong Wei suspects the lack of Malaysian food in Calgary meant that he didn’t play very well and had to spend the game through rubber set when facing Sai Praneeth of India in the quarter-finals and Takuma Ueda of Japan in the semifinals.

“The night before the final. I don’t know what to eat anymore. I’ve tried KFC and McDonald’s but I swear guys, best KFC and McDonalds in Malaysia! Down already… tomorrow I want to fight this Ng Ka Long (from Hong Kong),” said Chong Wei.

Chong Wei was lucky because the night before the final he was contacted by his old Malaysian friend who lives in Calgary. That night, the three-time Olympic silver medalist visited his friend and ate Malaysian specialties such as nasi lemak, chicken rendang, curry goat, and wet kwetiau.

Oh my god. Best crazy! Exploding stomach screaming delight. The rest is history. Ng Ka Long is not an opponent in the final,” wrote Chong Wei.

Malaysia itself is currently celebrating its 64th independence day since independence from British rule in 1957. neighbor country– the nickname of Malaysia – commemorates its independence on August 31 every year.[]


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