Coordinating Minister Luhut Confident Yogyakarta & Bali Down to PPKM Level 3 in Days | 1NEWS

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Still Must Be Careful

With these improved developments, Jokowi stated that the Government was again implementing leniency. Even so, he again reminded that all parties must still be careful in responding to the trend of improvement that occurs.

“We must study the development of Covid-19 in various countries and continue to take lessons from it,” said Jokowi.

Furthermore, Jokowi said that various countries that have carried out Covid-19 vaccinations up to 60 percent of the population are still experiencing a Covid-19 spike. According to him, this happened because the people were not disciplined in implementing health protocols.

“Therefore, we must work together to ensure that Covid-19 cases do not rise again. The key is simple, let’s join the vaccine immediately, let’s be disciplined and apply health protocols,” said Jokowi.

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