Deddy Corbuzier gave Rp500 million in cash to Luna Maya, apparently for this

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Luna Maya & Deddy Corbuzier.  Photo: YouTube

Deddy Corbuzier again gave some money for guest stars who attended his Podcast. After Ivan Gunawan, this time it was Luna Maya’s turn to be the next ‘target’ artist, Deddy Corbuzier. Apparently, the money was given to support the fundraising action initiated by Luna for children with autism.

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Luna Maya admitted that she often raises donations for people in need every year. Now, he wants to help autistic children get better nutrition.

“Because it’s still difficult, there are many people who have been laid off, many have dropped their businesses. I happen to be a little different every year. At that time a few years ago I asked my followers, my fans to donate a little money, there was one child who was hit Cancer… These Foundation reserves are those who protect the autistic children who are there… Right now, there are many people who focus on Covid, (some are forgotten),” said Luna as quoted from Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel on Tuesday, August 31, 2021. .

Not only asking other people to donate, Luna Maya also contributed to the fundraising.

“A few days before my birthday, I asked my friends to ‘Come on, donate a little so that these autistic children can also be noticed’. (Join) donate, please. We’re not just giving orders, we’re not contributing, are we.”

Luna Maya & Deddy Corbuzier. Photo: YouTube

Luna also first asked Deddy Corbuzier if it was permissible to allocate the funds to several different foundations. Ariel NOAH’s ex-girlfriend admitted that she was moved to help others. In fact, he admits that he wants to be a super rich person so he can think of other people.

“Sometimes I don’t even know, I just don’t know what to say. That’s why yesterday I said also when wishes When it’s my birthday, I’m really starting a business… wish Me, I want to be a person who is so rich that I don’t think about myself anymore, I want to think about other people.”

Luna Maya
Luna Maya. Photo: Instagram @lunamaya

According to Luna, the more nominal she can donate, the more people will be helped.

“With this donation, maybe only hundreds of people have touched it, maybe yes. But if we have, for example, not IDR 500 million anymore, or how many hundreds of millions or we have IDR 5 billion and IDR 500 million, it will be different impact-his.”

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