Dustin Tiffani is still a pure virgin, says it’s hard to enter,…

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1NEWS – Celebrity Dustin Tiffani has been outspoken about her virginity status, which is still being carried today.

At the age of 29, Dustin admitted that he had never kissed and had sex with a woman.

This was revealed by Dustin in the Crazzy Nikmir Real YouTube show which was uploaded on August 29, 2021.

“I’ve never had a status and a bond with a woman,” said Dustin, quoted by 1NEWS, Tuesday (31/8).

Nikita Mirzani, who asked this question, had no idea that Dustin was still a pure virgin.

He also delved back into his personal life with several questions.

“Now it’s promiscuity, you’ve become an artist and it’s impossible without groups (female fans),” said Niki calling Nikita Mirzani.

Dustin doesn’t deny it, if there are people who often do Direct Messages (DM) on their social media, but he doesn’t want to be weird.


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