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Vinfast electric car

The national automotive industry will be more lively with the presence of a new automotive manufacturer, namely VinFast, which will enter Indonesia. The national car from Vietnam is known to be quite popular and has been marketed to many countries with attractive Vinfast car prices.

VinFast itself is a national car manufacturer, a car brand developed by Vietnam’s largest real estate company, Vingroup. Vingroup has ambitions to produce 500,000 vehicles in Vietnam by 2025. Vingroup announced this in 2017.

To carry out the plan, VinFast obtained a loan of up to US$ 800 million from Credit Suisse Group. The funds will be used to build an assembly facility in the city of Haiphong. The plant produces gasoline and electric cars, which will be marketed in Vietnam and abroad.

Vinfast electric car Photo: Rushlane

Automotive manufacturers who started as startups from Vietnam have hit the market again by launching cheap electric cars. With a cheap price, Vinfast will invite the sadness of other car manufacturers sad because of the price tag.

The price offered is not cans, because the Vinfast e34 is a development carried out by Vinfast manufacturers in Vietnam for the global market, which is dominated by Japanese and European manufacturers.

Vinfast e34 cheap electric car price

With electric car-based technology, the Vinfast manufacturer offers the e34 at a very affordable price of 590 million VND with a nominal value of IDR 350 million.

The price is very cheap, even equivalent to the price of conventional cars which are widely offered in the country but do not yet have electric motor propulsion.

This new electric car in Vietnam measures 4,300mm in length, 1,793mm in width and 1,613mm in height with a wheelbase of 2,611mm. Ground clearance of 180mm and total curb weight of 1,490 kg.

Two of Vinfast's newest products
Vinfast launches two new products Photo: Oto.Vinfast

Vinfast Electric Car It comes with several driver-oriented features along with remote software updates, remote customer support, emergency rescue service with the location of the nearest charging station and authorized dealer, battery status tracking, vehicle operating history and theft alerts.

The E34 is powered by an electric motor and uses a 42 kWh battery that produces 110 kW of power and 242 Nm of torque and offers a range of 300 km on a full charge.

It received MacPherson front suspension and rear suspension via torsion bars. VinFast offers a 10 year warranty with the VF e34.

Electric car
Electric car Photo: Rushlane

In contrast to the sale of cars with conventional batteries, VinFast has also entered into battery rental services. Vinfast Electric Car This will benefit the customer as VinFast will bear all the quality and life risks of the battery and if the battery receives a charge below 70 percent the same can be exchanged for a new battery.

Charging the battery can be done at the owner’s house or at the VinFast charging station. A 15-minute charge will allow a travel distance of 180 km.

VinFast will set up fast charging stations in Vietnam. The company targets around 40,000 electric car charging points in 63 provinces and cities by the end of this year. Vinfast Electric Car Global Automotive The VinFast brand is set to become a global technology car brand. After just 3 years of operation, since launching in 2017, the company plans three smart EV models – VF31, VF32 and VF33 and will take orders from the global market from the end of 2021.

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