Even though he can’t see clearly, this old glass seller is still trying to make a living, finally getting help from good people – 1NEWS

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Kindness can be done anywhere and anytime. Like this woman who did a good deed when she saw a traveling glass salesman accidentally. He gave groceries and other necessities to his father.

But who would have thought, this woman was surprised by another fact. The father apparently could not see clearly. Not only that, none of their merchandise has sold yet. So how is the viral story of the woman giving groceries to this traveling glass seller?

This woman recounted when she met a traveling glass salesman. At that time he was ordering food to take home.

“This afternoon, when I ordered a take away meal, I was salfok with this father,” said this woman.

“He is old and looks really tired carrying this much glass,” he continued.

“There is no sale yet,” replied this father with a smile.

“No one has sold yet?” he asked again.

“Not yet,” he replied.

“Even though it’s already 5 pm, he has sold one glass and he hasn’t even eaten,” he explained.

“Finally I took him to the nearest minimarket. And I told his father that you can take whatever you need,” said this woman.

“Initially, this father seemed like he refused. Then I said, sir, it’s okay, what you need, just take it,” he continued.

“A few minutes after I gave the basket, I was confused why this father had not filled the basket,” he said.

“It turns out that he has problems with his eyesight, guys. He couldn’t see clearly. So he can’t tell which one is rice and sugar,” he explained.

“Because today you get sustenance, you can go home and rest right away. I don’t have to sell it (night) first,” he said happily.

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