Even though he has a dark past, this man is successful in becoming an entrepreneur and owns a 700-hectare shrimp pond – 1NEWS

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Muhammad Iksan has experienced the bitter experience of being a man who often causes riots and lives on the streets. The man who is familiarly called Bang Foreman realized what he had done.

Finally, he chose to repent and start a business. Thanks to his unyielding hard work, now Iksan has succeeded in owning 700 hectares of shrimp ponds.

Who would have thought, the shrimp farm boss turned out to have a dark story. Iksan was once a figure who often had to deal with the authorities until his mother burst into tears.

“Parents visited (police) continues, the problem continues, I finally went to the terminal. The matter with the police continues, of course, it is difficult, my mother continues to cry,” he explained.

Deciding to leave the house doesn’t seem to be the solution. At that time, he had to experience difficulties until he had not eaten for two days living apart from his parents.

“In the end, I didn’t understand how to make money, I didn’t eat it for two days,” he said

Difficulties continue to be experienced, but life must also continue. Despite the difficulties and sleeping on the streets, Iksan refuses to return home because of feelings of shame, constantly being a burden to the family.

“I more or less experienced it (difficulty) sleeping on the overhang of the shop, I never went home, it’s a shame, right,” he explained.

Living on the streets seems to have made Iksan’s mental state increasingly formed. After finishing being a person who often fought physically, he decided to repent.

Iksan learns to do business to earn a living on the right path. He started with a hawker trade.

“Learn about business from my mentors. Thank God I used to start my business from a hawker, when I moved from street thugs I was empty. From there I learned (business),” he said.

From selling hawkers to turning to other businesses, Iksan met various inspirational figures who gave him a lot of knowledge. One of them is knowledge about business.

From there, Iksan started his own business in the form of a shrimp pond. His business is also growing and is often subscribed to by large and well-known companies in the country.

How grateful, now Iksan can return to his hometown in Muaragembong, Bekasi, West Java and do business. Until now, the shrimp pond has used an area of ​​700 hectares.

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