Faroe Islands VS Israel Prediction, 2022 World Cup Group F Qualifications

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1NEWS – Group F qualifying match at the 2022 World Cup will take place in the middle of the week. An interesting match is presented at Torsvollur between the Faroe Islands against Israel. The two countries will meet in a match that will be held on Thursday (2/9), and the kick off will be at 01.45 WIB in the morning. On this occasion, the Israeli national team is considered to be able to outperform the host.

Faroe Island is in fifth place in the event’s Group F standings 2022 World Cup qualifiers this time. They have produced just one point from their opening three games in the competition. Meanwhile, this time will face the fourth match to meet the Israeli national team which is far superior with a collection of four points.

The Israeli national team is in third place in Group F. Currently, Israel is also struggling to beat Scotland and Denmark, who are in second and first place in the group. Apparently, Israel also has a golden opportunity in this match. Evidently they have also prepared thoroughly in the previous match. So what are the predictions for this match?

Faroe Islands VS Israel Statistics Data

The previous match, which had lasted for three matches, showed that the Faroe Islands were not so solid. Many mistakes were made by the players, so in next week’s match it is likely that they will still be seen. The best slot gambling site recorded from the last Five matches they run only one win against Liechtenstein in a friendly match.

The other four games, Faroe Islands lost to Scotland and Iceland. Meanwhile, in the previous two matches, the Faroe national team drew in the match against Moldova and lost to the Austrian national team. In the home party this time, they probably have to be better if they want to secure the three points.

While the statistics presented by the Israeli national team are quite interesting. In the last five matches, they have won twice. After a disappointing game against Denmark, the Israeli national team then drew in the match against Scotland.

The next two matches against Moldova and Montenegro, Israel successfully won. Unfortunately, they had to lose in a friendly meeting against the Portugal national team in early June.

Players Condition

Seeing the condition of the Faroe Islands players so far there is no problem. All of their core squad can be played without injury. The formation that will be used by the coach, Hakan Ericson seems to be 4-4-2. In the match later, the performances of Klaemint Olsen and Edmundsson fill the front lines of the national team. The help of four players in the middle sector can be maximized.

Four players in the midfield, among others, B. Olsen, Andreasen, Hansson, and Solvi Vatnhamar. Meanwhile, to maximize defense, the coach filled it with the names Davidson, Askham, Gunnar Vatnhamar, and Danielsen in the match. From under the crossbar, the name of goalkeeper Nielsen will still be trusted to appear.

From the national team Israel, the 5-4-1 game scheme is believed to be the best strategy. With this composition, the Israeli national team lowered Zahavi the mainstay striker on the front lines. The performance of four players such as Solomon, Lavi, Natcho, and Kinda filled the middle sector of the visiting national team. In addition, there is a performance from Dgani et al who will be tough in their defense.

The game scheme of the two national teams shows the full strength of the Israeli national team which is likely to lead them to victory in this match. Israel has the best composition in the midfield and is able to maximize the performance of their back line.

Prediction Score Kep. Faroe vs Israel : 0 – 2

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