Formerly Stuntman Andy Lau, Now Du Yiheng Becomes A Famous Actor

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1NEWS – At first glance, this man and Andy Lau are like twins. They have a lot in common. Only when you look more closely is there a difference. Yes, he was Du Yiheng. He started his career as stuntman Andy Lau. Never thought he could become a real actor, achieving fame like the stars he had helped in the past.

Du Yiheng has been Andy Lau’s stuntman for more than 10 years. His resemblance to Andy Lau led to him being offered a job as a stuntman, after winning the reality show, Super Star Impersonator in the early 2000s. Who refuses? So the idol’s body double is an honor. Even though he knows the risks, being a stuntman is not impossible to cause injury and even loss of life.

Once, Du Yiheng almost lost his life when he had to replace Andy Lau’s riding scene. He almost died because the bridle was wrapped around his body and the horse was raging with fear of something. This sent Du Yiheng flying. Fortunately, Du Yiheng was still rescued and was not seriously injured.

For a long time being Andy Lau’s stuntman, he felt that his life could not be a stuntman forever. He didn’t want to just be a stuntman. Finally Du Yiheng dared to step up, trying to be a real actor, from the smallest project. Slowly from small projects, he honed his acting skills. Slowly, he was offered roles, because he was considered a cheap version of Andy Lau.

Until 2010, he got the lead role in the action film Lets Bullet Fly directed by Jian Wen. Since this film, Du Yiheng has been flooded with film offers from big production houses. To this day, Du Yiheng is recognized as one of the leading actors in Taiwan. He also won awards in the Outstabdibf Actor Honoraru category at the Asian Film Awards, People Choice Awards at the Vancouver Chinese Film Festival.

“There are no shortcuts in life. We have to focus our time and energy on what we have to do. Don’t complain and be strong. We can do better with hard work,” Du Yiheng wrote on his social media. Nowadays Du Yiheng has played a lot in TV series; Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon, Love and Destiny, Ever Night 2, more than 10 TV series and productive to this day.

Writer Vallesca Souisa

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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