Free from Prison, Saipul Jamil Hopes To Work With Dewi Perssik

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1NEWSSaipul Jamil scheduled to be released from prison on September 2, 2021. The dancer who is familiarly called Ipul is also ready to reorganize his career in the world of artistry. Samsul, Ipul’s older brother, claimed that his younger brother had received many job offers before his release.

“Thank God the work is waiting. Because from Ipul itself the communication with friends on TV programs is good, there are no problems and friends are welcome, waiting for their freedom,” said Samsul, when contacted by reporters, Monday (30/8).

Apart from being back on TV, Saipul Jamil also plans to build a personal YouTube channel, as many artists have done in recent years.
“He wants to try his luck on Youtube, yes, because his social media already exists, it’s just that what’s trending right now is (YouTube). Before Bang Ipul joined a boarding school (prison) he didn’t have time to popularize YouTube,” he explained.

Furthermore, Samsul said that Saipul Jamil had planned to collaborate on YouTube content with a number of artists. Among them Maia Estianty and peach goddess. “There is already a plan to collaborate with Mami Depe. There is still communication with my dear sister. Hopefully, we can do a project together later,” he said.

As is known, Saipul Jamil was sentenced to 3 years in prison by the panel of judges at the North Jakarta Court for the sexual abuse of minors. The victim at that time was a boy with the initials DS.

Saipul Jamil then filed an appeal. However, the appeal decision of the DKI Jakarta High Court (PT) actually increased the sentence to 5 years in prison.

At almost the same time, Saipul Jamil He was also proven to have bribed the clerk of the North Jakarta District Court, Rohadi, with Rp. 250 million and was sentenced to 3 years in prison.



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