Had a difficult life before being famous, Joe Taslim: Many limitations but my family is happy

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Joe Taslim is a well-known Indonesian action actor. His figure is listed as one of the reliable action actors whose talents have been recognized by the world film industry. This skill is in fact inseparable from Joe’s background, who had become a National Judo athlete.

He is known to have won many victories, such as medals in the SEA Games and also won 1st place in the South East Asia Judo Championship Singapore 1999. Playing sports was his choice at that time due to economic limitations. Not many people know, before becoming an actor as successful as he is now, Joe Taslim had a fairly difficult childhood life. He and his family even felt that the electricity was suddenly turned off because they didn’t have the money to pay for it.

Although admittedly experiencing difficulties, their family still thinks positively. The father actually emphasized Joe to be disciplined in sports, he believed that his son could be a successful person

Little Joe Taslim was born to a simple family in Lorong Tunggal, Palembang, South Sumatra. His father is the head of the Neighborhood Association (RT) in his area, however, the income he gets is uncertain. In a day even the father can have no income at all. Therefore, it is not a special thing if the electricity in his house often goes out because he cannot pay regularly.

“My childhood was difficult, yes, in Palembang. There are many limitations but my family is happy, I’m proud of it. Mr. RT’s son lives in Lorong Palembang, sometimes there is electricity, sometimes not. Electricity likes to die because they don’t pay, because the boss sometimes gets money, sometimes he doesn’t get money,” said Joe Taslim, quoted from YouTube TonightShowNet, Sunday (29/8).

However, the father really prioritizes talent development for his son. He has high hopes for them to be able to make Indonesia proud in the international arena. Allegedly, his father’s determination began after watching his son take part in a badminton match. However, because of the limited cost of buying a racket and paying a monthly fee for training, like it or not, other sports have become an option.

“So looking for sports, all pay a fee, basketball, badminton. Judo is one of the free sports near home, because it’s not very popular yet, the coaches give out free clothes for practice,” continued Joe Taslim.

Having the determination to enter national training, Joe Taslim’s goal at that time was so that parents wouldn’t have to spend money for his life

Knowing that his son has talent, the father constantly reminded Joe Taslim to be disciplined. Although his playing time is used for practice, he has become a confident person and an expert in his field. The coach is optimistic that his protege will one day catch up with his older brother, who had already joined the judo national team and won the championship.

“I entered the national training, one of the reasons is because I knew that if I was in the national training, my father and father didn’t have to pay for me anymore, right. I know that my father and father are difficult, so when I get a chance to be called, I immediately think ‘there is a country that guarantees my (life)’,” he explained.

Sure enough, his struggle paid off. In the second grade of junior high school, he won a gold medal at the 1977 Judo National Championship. He also participated in the National Sports Week (PON) representing Palembang and the SEA Games. “In 1999 I (got) a total of 1 gold, 1 silver, two bronze SEA Games,” he explained.

Spreading wings into the entertainment industry, his career can be fairly difficult. He had to wait 7 years to get a role in a film

Joe’s career as an actor began in 2007 ago. However, the journey through the process is quite long. Joe claimed to have started auditioning since 2000. For more than 5 years, his achievements in the film industry only reached audition until casting just. Only later, in 2007, casting his first translucent role in the film “Karma”.

The seven-year wait has paid off, his name is starting to be known to the public as an action actor to be reckoned with. The beginning of the film was even paired with an Indonesian supermodel, Dominique Diyose. After that, this 40-year-old man was offered a romantic drama film entitled “Rasa” in 2009. Although known as an action actor, Joe Taslim actually started his career in the horror and drama genres.

Now he pursues two interests at once, being an actor but also using his martial arts talents in a film. It is recorded that he has tried a number of Hollywood films, ranging from Fast Furious” to the fantasy action film “Mortal Kombat”. Hopefully Joe Taslim’s struggle can inspire you, yes, keep the spirit!


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