In the past this man was bullied until he was stoned because he couldn’t read in 1st grade. But Now, His Fate Has Changed Drastically Has Become a Lecturer | Most Exciting

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Most Fun – Alano, a young man who shared his story of being bullied while still in school. He was bullied by his friends because he could not read. Through his Tiktok account @alano_1010, last Friday (27/8/2021), Alano told him that he was treated badly when he was in grade 1 of elementary school.

“Before being confident, grade 1 elementary school students were thrown with stones because they couldn’t read stupidly,” he wrote in the video, quoted by

Because he was often bullied, he then moved schools. At this new school he was able to survive until he graduated from elementary school and continued to junior high school. However, in junior high school, Alano again received unpleasant treatment. He was bullied again for being physical.

“When middle school was the bullying that hurt the most. One of them is because the teeth are advanced.” he explained.

When he was in high school, Alano tried to pass the SNMPTN and get a scholarship. Even though he got low grades in college, he didn’t give up. Until finally he graduated and worked hard to get a master’s scholarship.

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In the end, all of Alano’s efforts paid off. He can continue his master’s degree with a full scholarship. In addition, he also passed his master’s degree in 1 year and 5 months. After graduating from master’s degree, he continued to be a lecturer. Alano managed to become a lecturer at the age of 22 years. Not to forget, in his upload, he also gave a message to stay motivated and not low self-esteem when bullied.

“Stay strong and believe in yourself. Don’t be down if you get bullied. Make the whip to be even better, “ the message.

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