Khanyi Mbau pulls a fast one on boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga – Leaves him crying in Dubai | Celeb 1NEWS

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Khanyi Mbau has left her boyfriend heartbroken after she pulls a fast one on him.

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According to Kudzai Mushonga, a Zimbabwean businessman currently hiding here in South Africa, Khanyi had left home for saloon when the whole ruckus came to light.

After getting dropped off at a Saloon at 6pm with a promise of calling her boyfriend 30 minutes before she was done, Khanyi decided to ditch Kudzi and join her friends to Rooftoop pool for a few drinks.

This, without her boyfriend’s knowledge.

He had to go on Insta stories in search of her the whole night

Kudzi revealed he had been cooking and setting up their place for a romantic night.

But after several hours of silence from Khanyi, Kudzi is said to have gone back the saloon only to realise it closes at 10pm. It was 2am the following day.

He started posting in his Insta stories alleging that his girlfriend was not treating her right.

The much stressed Mushonga also revealed he pays for her daughter’s school fees, takes care of her and works very hard to maintain their lavish lifestyle. hence does deserve to be treated better and not as someone who was cheating on her.


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