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1NEWS Love language is a person’s way of expressing affection and love for someone, especially for a partner. The theory of love language was first introduced by Dr. Gary Chapman in 1992 through his book The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. It explains that everyone has one of the dominant love languages ​​in him.

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Love language is important to know because it is one of the keys to a successful relationship. This will make it easier for you to express feelings of love and affection, in the way he wants. In addition, recognizing the language of love can also foster a sense of empathy and strengthen the intimacy of relationships. Quoted from the page allodokterHere are 5 love languages ​​you need to know.

Words of affirmation

People who have this type of love language will show and receive love through words, both verbally and in writing. For example in the form of appreciation or praise. Those who have this love language interpret speech more deeply, and have a higher sensitivity to the words they receive and come out of their mouths.

Acts of service

The love language of acts of service is expressed more through actions, rather than words. People who have this type of love language may not often express their feelings through words, but they tend to show it through actions.

They will wholeheartedly help or help the couple. Likewise, when receiving proper treatment, he will greatly appreciate the form of service performed by his partner.

Receiving gifts

The symbol of love for the type of owner of the love language receiving gifts is a gift. Not only will the value of the gift be given, but he will also appreciate the time spent in preparing the gift. In addition, usually he will also always remember every gift given.

If you have a partner with this love language, choose a gift that can show that you understand him and truly love him. But you need to be careful with this love language. Because it can be misinterpreted as materialistic behavior.

Quality time

The owner of a quality time love language will feel and show his love by spending time with loved ones. Generally he feels loved when the meeting is filled with quality communication, such as deep talk, exchange ideas, or to vent.

When spending time with a partner, the owner of this love language will not be half-hearted in paying attention. In fact, he may even turn off his cell phone, so that time spent with his partner becomes more intimate without distraction.

physical touch

People who have this love language will show their affection through physical touch, for example holding hands, hugging, stroking, or kissing.

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