KPK’s behavior is considered no longer serious in fighting corruption

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1NEWS – Political observer Rochendi commented on the discourse of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) cooperating with former corrupt convicts in an anti-corruption program.

As a result of this discourse, the public even had the view that the KPK had allowed former corrupt convicts to become anti-corruption counselors.

According to Rochendi, the discourse is a paradox carried out by the KPK.

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“Why does it appear that the anti-corruption agency actually wants to eradicate corruption?” he told 1NEWS, Tuesday (31/8).

Rochendi said that the logic of thinking that was built by the KPK today was not in accordance with reality.

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“The logic doesn’t work. Is there a former thief who is used as an advisor in crime prevention counseling?” he said.

The government science academic explained that someone who is partnered with as an extension worker must be able to set a good example.

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“The person must be able to provide an example for the target party from the counseling,” he explained.


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