Minute Chronology of the Tragic Accident that Killed Princess Diana – Part 3 (END)

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The condition of the car carrying Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed (Doc. Ist) 

1NEWS – Exactly today 24 years ago, Princess Diana died. His life was taken after an ill-fated accident in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel, Paris. In the accident, Diana’s lover, Dodi Al Fayed, also died.

The following is a minute-to-minute chronology of the accident that killed Putri Dian, which was traced by Jonathan Mayo to the TMZ.com page. This article is also the closing of the previous article.


More police arrived and some of the paparazzi decided to flee.


Two doctors from the Paris Ambulance Unit (SAMU) arrived and took over. Dr Jean-Marc Martino could see that Diana’s right arm was dislocated. He gave the Princess an IV. Now that the medics had arrived, Mailliez left. When he turned on the TV the next morning, he realized the identity of the woman he was caring for.


A BMW motorcycle goes into the tunnel. Maud Coujard, the deputy public prosecutor, was riding the motorbike, who was summoned by the police. He immediately ordered officers to detain the remaining paparazzi and their cameras, so they could be brought in for questioning.

00.54 am

The first news of Princess Diana and Dodi’s crash was broadcast worldwide by the Associated Press news agency: “Diana, Princess of Wales, was seriously injured in a car crash in Paris in which another passenger was reported dead just after midnight, according to French news agencies.”

01.01 am

Two doctors from SAMU carefully lifted Diana from between the chairs, out of the car and onto the trolley. His heart suddenly stopped beating. The doctors started urgent cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

After half an hour of giving Dodi a pacemaker, the firefighters admitted defeat. Dodi’s body is covered with a blue plastic sheet. Many TV crews have arrived. They captured the scene of the six paparazzi being driven away in a police car.

01.10/12.10 (UK time)

The car that Princess Diana was traveling in at the time of the accident (Dok.Ist)

At Mohamed Al Fayed’s house in Surrey, the phone rang. It was head of security Paul Handley-Greaves. He says his boss, Dodi, is dead and Princess Diana may be dying.

At Kensington Palace, Princess Diana’s butler Paul Burrell frantically calls Diana’s cell phone. But there is only voice mail service. Burrell himself was awakened by a call from a friend in America who saw the accident report on CNN.

Colin Tebbutt, Diana’s driver, had gone to bed early because he was due to pick up the princess from the Battersea heliport this morning. His phone then rang. The caller was a colleague from Kensington Palace, who said: “Just sit on the edge of the bed and get ready.”

01.18/12.18 (UK time)

After 18 minutes of CPR, Princess Diana’s heart was beating more regularly so she was put in an ambulance and put on a respirator. Now that Diana can be examined more carefully, Dr Martino noticed a chest wound on her right side. He was worried Diana might have internal bleeding.

01:30/12:30 (UK time)

After all of the victims’ bodies were removed from the car, police found Princess Diana’s personal belongings such as a pearl bracelet, gold watch and gold ring, and her Versace shoes. A gold earring lay under the dashboard.

The first images of the accident were shown on the TV news. BBC Five Live interviewed an eyewitness at the crash site. He claimed to see Princess Diana safe and well and walked away from the car.

1:41 a.m

The ambulance carrying Princess Diana moved towards the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, 6 kilometers from the crash site. This is not the closest RS, but the most complete. The ambulance was moving very slowly. Doctors worry that each beat could trigger a heart attack. Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital has been put on alert.

At Princess Diana’s office at Kensington Palace, her staff called to book flights to Paris for Paul Burrell and driver Colin Tebbutt.

01.45/12.45 (UK time)

The British ambassador in Paris, Sir Michael Jay, was on the phone with the embassy guard, who told him Princess Diana had been injured in a car accident. Jay immediately summoned the Queen’s deputy private secretary, Sir Robin Janvrin, who was with the Royal Family at Balmoral.

02:00/1am (UK time)

The ambulance carrying Princess Diana was forced to stop a few meters from the hospital. Putri’s blood pressure dropped drastically. The doctors gave him dopamine to stabilize him. The ambulance moved again, slowly. The journey that used to take 10 minutes now takes 20 minutes.

Newly elected British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie are fast asleep at their official residence in Sedgefield, County Durham.

He wakes up startled. A policeman stood by his bed. The clerk apologized for going into her room, as Blair didn’t seem to hear the doorbell.

He tells Blair that Princess Diana has been injured in a car accident and he needs to call Sir Michael Jay in Paris.

The Queen’s deputy private secretary, Sir Robin Janvrin, broke the news by telephone to Prince Charles from his room at Balmoral. “Sir, there was a serious accident in Paris. Dodi died and the Princess of Wales was injured.”

Stunned, Charles replied: “Is Diana all right?”

Janvrin said: “We believe so, sir. We really don’t know.”


As the ambulance doors opened, two hospital stretchers retrieved the trolley, assisted by the Interior Minister, Jean-Pierre Chevnement, and his assistant, Sami Nair.

Nair looked at Diana. Diana can be seen wearing an oxygen mask over her mouth and her eyes are swollen. Both men were surprised to see how young and beautiful Diana was. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she? She’s beautiful,” said Chevènement.

2.10 am

Inside the A&E department, X-rays have revealed bleeding inside Putri’s chest cavity, compressing her heart and right lung. The blood was drained and he was given a transfusion. Then Diana’s heart stopped once more.

2.15am/1.15am (UK time)

Prince Charles is on the phone with his spokesman, Mark Bolland, in London. He wanted to know the latest news about Diana’s condition. “I always thought that Diana would come back to me, she needed to be taken care of,” said the Prince.

Mohamed Al Fayed headed to Gatwick airport where his private helicopter will take him to Paris to retrieve Dodi’s body. Islamic law states that the body of a person who dies must be buried as soon as possible.

2.30 am

Surgeons had opened Diana’s chest and found that the violent impact had shifted her heart from left to right, causing a tear in the left upper pulmonary vein. They stitch up the tear to stop the internal bleeding.

02.47/1.47 (UK time)

BBC1 shows the French gangster film Borsalino. The touching funeral scene was then interrupted by breaking news about Diana. News anchor Martyn Lewis announced to viewers that Diana had been injured in a car crash in a tunnel in Paris. A passenger in the car has died and that passenger may be Dodi Al Fayed. Lewis said the report had not been confirmed.

2.50/1.50 (UK time)

The phone rang at the home of Gill Rees-Jones, Trevor Rees Jones’ mother. Trevor’s ex-wife Sue gave him a piece of information. “I just heard it on the radio. There was an accident involving Dodi and Diana. I’m sure everything is fine, but I thought you should know…”

Gill and Ernie, Trevor’s stepfather, turned on the TV. News reports said Dodi and the driver had died — but there was no news about Diana or her bodyguards.

Then, to their dismay, there were reports that the bodyguard had died. Ernie called Al Fayed headquarters. ‘Is that true?’ he asked. “No, don’t believe it. Trevor is alive,” said someone on the other end of the line.

03:00/02:00 (UK time)

On the Scottish Island of Seil, Diana’s birth mother, Frances Shand Kydd, was awakened by the ringing of the telephone. He hoped Diana would call. The two haven’t spoken since Frances gave an interview to Hello! about Diana’s bulimia and divorce. Diana was angry with her mother’s actions. Even Frances’s apology letter was returned without Diana opening it.

Turns out it wasn’t Princess Diana calling but a friend, who said: “I had to wake you up because there was news on Sky News. Diana was injured in an accident in Paris.”

Frances turned on the TV. He watched the footage of his daughter playing on the television screen. Frances hands trembled.

03.15/2.15 (UK time)

Surgeons at Pitié-Salpêtrière fought to keep Diana alive using various means. But nothing worked.

In a nearby operating room, doctors gave Rees-Jones a tracheotomy. In the corridor were armed men from the British and French Secret Services.

Frances Shand Kydd was packing in case she had to visit Diana in the hospital. He tried to call his other daughters, Sarah and Jane, but they were cut off.

Frances managed to get in touch with her son, Charles, in South Africa, who had just been notified by her real estate manager at Althorp.


The damaged Mercedes was taken away in a truck. The police collected the red glass shards and sealed them in a bag. The shards of glass were later discovered to have come from a white Fiat lamp.

04.00 am

In the hospital operating room, Princess Diana was pronounced dead. Father Yves-Marie Clochard-Bossuet, a Roman Catholic priest, performed the final rite of using his thumb to anoint Diana’s forehead and palms with holy oil.

He sat with Diana, praying for her soul and for her two sons. He stayed there for four hours so that the Princess would not be alone.

The medical team informed Interior Minister Jean-Pierre Chevnement that Diana had died. The British Ambassador, Sir Michael Jay, was in tears at the news.

04.15/3.15 (UK time)

Sir Michael calls Balmoral to inform the Royal Family of Princess Diana’s death.


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