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School students.  Photo: Antara

The new academic year 2021/2022 has started. A number of schools at several points have implemented face-to-face learning or limited PTM. But most of the others still apply distance learning aka PJJ. At the moment of the new school year, there is usually an MPLS which is one of the moments of introduction to the school environment.

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The Introduction to the School Environment Period, also known as MPLS, is a period that is usually taken by new students when they enter the school environment. Previously it was better known as the Student Orientation Period aka MOS. But now, the term MOS has been replaced with MPLS.

The existence of MPLS as a substitute for MOS is stated in the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture (Permendikbud) Number 18 of 2016. A number of introductions are given to new students in this MPLS. A number of introductory activities carried out at MPLS are program introduction, introduction to school facilities, introduction to learning methods, inculcation of self-introduction concepts and initial development of school culture.

So, what is the purpose of holding MPLS for new students? Summarizing the Instagram page of the Directorate of Elementary Schools of the Ministry of Education and Technology, the Introduction to the School Environment is aimed at:

  1. Recognizing the potential of new students
  2. Helping new students adapt to the school environment and facilities
  3. Fostering motivation, enthusiasm, and effective learning methods as new students
  4. Develop positive interactions between students and other school members
  5. Foster positive behavior of students.
School students. Photo: Antara

In the current pandemic situation, introduction to the school environment can be done online or offline without face to face. The government itself has made special rules related to this that adapt to the conditions of the pandemic.

Kemendikbudristek said, MPLS activities were carried out on school days and hours for a maximum period of 3 days in the first week of the beginning of the school year. For boarding schools, it is allowed to adjust the required time period by first reporting to the local Education Office.

The planning for the introduction of the school environment is submitted by the school to parents/guardians at the time of self-report as a new student. Evaluation of the implementation of the introduction of the school environment must be submitted to parents/guardians, either in writing or through a meeting no later than 7 working days after the introduction of the school environment ends.

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