News of Oki Setiana Dewi was reportedly critical and rushed to the hospital, this is what the husband said

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Oki Setiana Dewi was reportedly critical and was rushed to the hospital. This information even caught the attention of netizens. However, the news was denied by Oki’s husband, Ory Vitrio. He called the news a hoax.

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“Where’s the news from? Yes (hoax),” said Ory Vitrio as reported by, Monday (30/8/2021). “Safe (Oki’s condition) Ms. Just live on TV One,” he said.

Ory Vitrio confirmed that Oki’s condition is currently healthy and fine. Even Oki is busy filling a program on a private television.

Regarding the photo of Oki lying limp in the hospital that had a scene, Ory explained that it was an old photo when his wife gave birth.

“This is a birth photo. So people know it’s a hoax, “explained Ory Vitrio.

The news that Oki Setiana Dewi was critical and rushed to the hospital was published in an article from which was published on August 21, 2021. The title of the article is, “Innalilahi O Allah, the sad news from Ustadzah Oki Setiana Dewi is in critical condition and has been rushed to the hospital, please pray”.

The article also contains a photo of Oki crying while wearing a full green surgical gown.


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