Once Underestimated, This Grandfather Who Did Not Graduated from Elementary School Proves He Can Build a Helicopter from Used Goods – 1NEWS

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Usman Jalil (65), a resident of Lorong Tambaksari, Jambi City, is going viral on social media. Because the story is amazing and inspiring.

He only received education until the second grade of SR (people’s school). Even though he did not have a higher education, Usman was able to prove his ability.

With scrap metal, Usman managed to assemble his own helicopter. Even at home, he also has an elevator created by his hands and lasts for five years.

Usman Jalil wants to fulfill his desire that has existed since 1997. When he met at his residence, which became the helicopter assembly workshop.

He recounts the emergence of his identity. When he was still working at Saumil or the woodcutter. Usman often goes in and out of the forest, as well as passing through damaged roads and long distances.

Long story short, Usman thought hard about making the trip shorter and assembling a helicopter. Although initially tried with rattan material and propeller turning power from a chainsaw.

To channel his challenging hobby, Usman returned to making helicopters. Switch to using scrap metal and car frames.

“So I thought about it, I’ve already designed it. Because I’ve made it before, but used rattan. Now I’m trying to use scrap metal,” said Usman as quoted from the YouTube channel iNews id.

There is no instant struggle, the results obtained by Usman are the same. He had failed several times.

But thanks to his tenacity and strong determination, Usman got back on his feet and this time managed to fly his helicopter.

“If there are countless failures, dozens of times have failed,” he said, quoted by Antara, Thursday (8/7).

From the results of his creation, Usman wants to be able to overcome forest and land fires or forest and land fires. In addition, it can facilitate watering from above.

“My hope is like this, later if there are farmers they need to water from above. We can prepare the helicopter. According to my calculations, the propeller is 20 by 3 meters, the lifting power can be around 2 tons,” said Usman.

The manufacture of the helicopter itself took approximately three months. Usman did not use new items at all, all of them were made from used materials.

The helicopter head is made of the front frame of the car. While the helicopter body is made of scrap metal. Then the power to turn the propeller uses two units of automatic motor vehicle engines.

Even so, he admits that there are still shortcomings in the assembly, including the seplin rope, shock breaker and seat exhaust. But Usman remains optimistic that his helicopter can fly higher and more stable.

“This can reach about 500 meters, no problem. It hasn’t gone up yet, because the seplin rope doesn’t exist yet. The process is 3 months, from before fasting (Ramadan). At least 30 to 35, we buy all of these,” said Usman.

Usman added that the material for the helicopter was obtained from collecting scrap metal. Especially the light ones. Regarding costs, so far Usman has never calculated.

“I collect money from the sale of the water depot to buy the ingredients. There are also those who bid to buy it or order it to be made,” he continued.

During the process of making the helicopter, Usman could not escape the ridicule of his neighbors. Even he was scolded by his son and daughter-in-law. They think it’s just a waste of money.

As expressed by Usman’s wife, Nurhayati. Even though he was ridiculed, it made Usman even more motivated.

He said that apart from the rejection from his son and daughter-in-law, not a few residents underestimated Usman’s ability to build helicopters.

“If you have digitized it, you will be more enthusiastic because you want to prove it to the public. That he can,” said Nurhayati.

No less great, Usman had previously assembled his own elevator at his house. Because he has a four-story residence, he wants to make it easier for his family to access.

It has been five years since the elevator has been actively used daily and is fairly durable. Moreover, the energy required does not take much.

“This lifting capacity can be more than 1 ton. This is the button I use manually. It’s been five years without traffic jams. Instead of walking, it’s hard for us. I have changed the wattage to a small one, equivalent to a water pump,” said Usman as quoted from the Fitriani Ulinda YouTube channel.

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