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Bhayangkara FC coach Paul Munster spoke about his decision to reserve Evan Dimas and Andik Vermansah for the match against Persiraja Banda Aceh.

In the duel that was held at the Indomilk Arena, Tangerang Regency, Sunday (29/8/2021), Evan Dimas and Andik Vermansah did not play since the first minute.

Evan Dimas had to sit on the bench until the 76th minute, before he was introduced to replace Wahyu Subo Seto.

Meanwhile, Andik Vermansah only played ten minutes before normal time ended when he replaced Renan Silva.

According to Paul Munster, these two players had to start the match from the bench because of the strict policies that apply to the team nicknamed The Guardian.

“I’ve always said there are no star players. I want to field a good squad,” said Paul Munster in the post-match press conference session on Sunday (29/8/2021).

“I don’t care what his name is. Most importantly, all the players work hard for the team.”

The Northern Irish coach said the coaching team would play worthy players. It is based on their performance in training sessions.

If you don’t show hard work during training, then the 39-year-old coach will not give you the opportunity to play.

According to Paul Munster, Bhayangkara FC will implement strict policies to create a competitive climate internally.

This condition clearly forces the players to fight hard through healthy competition to be included in the starting eleven in Liga 1 2021-2022.

“If the performance in training is not good, then the player will not play either,” said Paul Munster.

In the match against Persiraja Banda Aceh in the first week of Liga 1 2021-2022, Bhayangkara FC successfully won.

Two goals scored by Ezechiel N’Douassel were enough to bring Bhayangkara FC to their first three points of the season.

Meanwhile, the Laskar Rencong squad, nicknamed Persiraja Banda Aceh, were only able to reply with one goal through Paulo Henrique.


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