Paul Munster Explains Bhayangkara FC Evaluation in the First Week of BRI Liga 1 | 1NEWS

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Bhayangkara FC successfully secured three points in its campaign in the BRI Liga 1 2021/2022. Bhayangkara FC defeated Persiraja Banda Aceh with a thin score of 2-1 at the Indomilk Arena Stadium, Tangerang, Sunday (29/8/2021) night.

The Guardians have to thank Ezechiel N’Douassel. Bomber from Chad who bought two winning goals, all of which were scored in the first half.

He scored the first goal in the eighth minute, maximizing the chaos in front of goal. The second goal of the former Persib Bandung player was born through the execution of a penalty, after previously there was a handsball in the forbidden box.

Despite winning an important victory in the first match, Dendy Sulistyawan and colleagues still have a number of evaluations. This was stated by coach Paul Munster after a fairly exhausting match, because Persiraja was no less insistent.

“In general, today’s performance has been good. Players can adjust to the high expectations carried by the team,” he explained after the match.

“It’s good considering it’s only three weeks of preparation. Because like I said yesterday that it actually takes another month to really be in top form,” continued Paul Munster.

On the other hand, the duel between Bhayangkara FC against Persiraja Banda Aceh was the closing for the simulation status of the initial three matches or the opening of the BRI Liga 1 2021/2022.

The government, federations and competition operators will evaluate the conduct of the three crew matches before deciding the fate of the following weeks to the end.

There are still 12 teams that have not competed and are waiting for the official schedule. There is a big chance that another match will be played this weekend.

“As players, we are all optimistic that the League will continue and run smoothly. The key is that all parties in the competition run the program well,” said Bhayangkara FC defender Hansamu Yama Pranata.


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