Please help! We slept with the same guy to have twins now he ran away | Celeb 1NEWS

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Please help!

My best friend and I agreed to date the same guy because we did not want to be separated by being married into different families.

We both found a guy who promised to marry us both if we agreed to sleep with him.

Everyday after school we would meet our boyfriend and he had sex with us at the same time.

We then decided to get pregnant at the same time so that our children will be twins., but as soon as we told our boyfriend we are both pregnant, he said he can’t marry us both. He broke the promise he made to us that he would marry us. He is avoiding us.

Now we are stuck with these pregnancies, please advice?

How do we get our boyfriend to marry us, we are too young to be single mothers. We are 17 years old.

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