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A video circulated that had to be shared by the boss of the toll road, Jusuf Hamka. At that time he came home from an event when he passed a mother who was limping pedaling her selling cart.

Precisely on Lautze Dalam Street, Sawah Besar District, Jakarta Center, on Friday (16/7) at approximately 21.00 WIB. Because she had passed the Emergency PPKM tightening schedule, the mother admitted that she had to replace her husband who was sick.

Jusuf who couldn’t bear to give him a wad of money. But the mother seemed not to believe and refused. This made the tycoon plead, even forcing him to help.

Jusuf Hamka shared a sad moment when he returned from an event with the Mayor of Central Jakarta. He met a mother who limped pedaling her selling cart.

“I saw a woman limping on a bread cart. This mother’s answer surprised me and brought tears to my eyes,” he wrote in the caption.

In fact, the President Commissioner of PT Mandara Permai admitted that he was sad. Knowing that the mother had to replace her husband’s work because he was sick.

“It was 9 pm I saw the baker was still trading. In fact, there is still a lot of merchandise. It turns out that the sellers are mothers. She replaced her husband because he was sick, “ Jusuf wrote in the description of the video body.

Even though it has been reaffirmed regarding the strictness of the Emergency PPKM, the mother does have to sell. In order to be able to buy medicine for her husband.

“When I gave education about Emergency PPKM, it turned out that his mother already knew. But she has no money to buy her husband’s medicine.” he continued.

Uniquely, the bread seller refused when Jusuf was about to buy up all of his merchandise.

“I decided to buy all of his merchandise. But her mother refused because she didn’t need that much. But I insist.” he explained.

Finally, Jusuf begged the merchant’s mother. He plans to buy them all and distribute them to people who are isoman (self-isolation), the poor and the marginalized.

He even forced his mother. Seeing Jusuf’s sincere kindness, the mother was then moved and wanted to kneel before him. Instantly Jusuf pulled his hand to stand back up.

“When I said I wanted to buy all of them, he refused and couldn’t believe it” 🙏 But after a little pleading and explaining that I just want to help so that mom can go home and buy medicine 🙏 so that her husband can get well soon 👍, then he is ready, “explained Jusuf.

An implied message from Jusuf. The moment he deliberately shared in the video, as a form of invitation. So that we can act together.

“I am sending this message to everyone. Even if we have to do an image for this country, that is a better thing to do than just sit back and comment,” he concluded.

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