Regarding the New Capital City, Prof. Jimly Emphasizes the Importance of the IKN Law

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1NEWS – DPD RI member Prof. Jimly Asshiddiqie gave an explanation about the importance of the Draft Law on the State Capital (RUU IKN) immediately being ratified into law.

According to him, this step is necessary so as not to cause legal problems in the future.

According to Prof. Jimly, the IKN Law will become the legal basis for the government to carry out development in the location designated as the new capital city so that legal problems do not arise.

“So, it is better to have a law first,” said Prof. Jimly, quoted from, Tuesday (31/8).

Furthermore, Prof. Jimly questioned what is the basis if the government is now building roads and bridges in the planned location as the new capital city.

If the development is budgeted in the APBN under the name of a new capital development project, said Prof. Jimly, what is the legal basis for the Law on the State Budget?

In fact, the IKN Law does not yet exist and the national capital is still DKI Jakarta.

He reminded that there are more than 60 laws that mention the capital city of the country and it refers to DKI Jakarta.

So, it becomes unfounded if there is currently a road and bridge project in a location called the new capital because there is no legal basis.

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“So, that’s the legal basis for throwing trillions of money in the middle of the forest (location of the new capital city, ed), it can be scraped into a legal problem,” continued the figure born in Palembang, South Sumatra.

Prof. Jimly explained that the conditions would be different when the IKN Bill was passed into law and stipulates that the state capital will move to Penajam Paser Utara (PPU), for example, gradually over five years.

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“Well, that’s just building a bridge in the middle of the forest with a basis, even though in the middle of the forest, humans don’t exist yet,” he said.

Prof. Jimly also believes that the construction of roads and bridges carried out in the forest in Penajam, East Kalimantan, as a preparation for IKN, is not legally correct because the area has not yet become the new capital city.

“People will question it later. If the next president is someone from the opposite camp, they will be scraped,” he said. (fat/jpnn)

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