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Ridho DA Shows Photos of His Prospective Wife, His Face Makes Salfok Similar to Nadya Mustika

Dream – Ridho DA finally showed the face of his idol. The man whose full name is Ridho Syafaruddin said he would soon marry his lover.

In the photo, Rizky DA’s twin uploaded two photos posing with his future wife who was wearing a hijab. Ridho appeared in a blue shirt and jeans.

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While his future wife wore a white top with a black hijab combined with a blue patterned skirt.

Ridho and his future wife© Ridho and his future wife

“Bismillah.. God willing, make it easy for the path Amen, God, soon my status will change ,” wrote Ridho DA quoted by Dream, Tuesday, August 24, 2021.

The post of the 24-year-old man from Medan was immediately filled with comments from netizens. But many have highlighted the face of Ridho’s future wife who is said to be similar to Rizky’s wife, Nadya Mustika Rahayu.

This is why his face is all Arabs,” said the account @aliahsayuti.

“Bismillaaahh.. it’s smooth, deeek.. btw, I look like you, @nadyamustikarahayu, huh. So why are you twins so the match is similar?,” wrote the account @fida310.

“Does it look like Rizky’s wife…? But this is more contained,” wrote the account @aisyahdjamil64.

“God, it’s really similar to Nadya, wow, Ido & candidate are running smoothly,” wrote the account @ynnarkma.

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