Smart! Abu Nawas out of the guard with just a letter, here’s how

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ACCURATE.CO On a sunny morning, Abu Nawas and his wife went to garden in their own field which happened not far from their house. While wiping the sweat that started to wet his forehead and all over his body, Abu Nawas said to his wife,

“O, my wife! Today we have been hoeing from morning to noon, but only a third of what we can hoe!!”

His wife just smiled as she replied,

“Well, my husband!! This time we have to work harder so that in two days we can plant potato seeds,”.

From a distance, suddenly heard a scream from someone who called the name Abu Nawas. It turned out that they were royal guards who began to approach the Abu Nawas garden area.

When they arrived at the garden, they immediately caught Abu Nawas like a criminal. This made the wife of Abu Nawas surprised and surprised.

“Hi… What the hell, let me go, what did I do wrong?” said Abu Nawas, struggling to fight back.

It seems the guards did not care about the words of Abu Nawas. They then tied the hands of Abu Nawas. The wife could only cry seeing her husband being taken away by the guards suddenly and did not understand her husband’s mistake. Shortly after that, Abu Nawas was taken to the royal prison.

Arriving at the kingdom, Abu Nawas immediately thrown in a narrow and dark prison without any warning from them.

Abu Nawas did not fight at all. He could only contemplate his fate while thinking how to get out of the prison. He also remembered his wife at home. The wife must feel sad and confused about what happened to her now. By leaving his unfinished field with potatoes, Abu Nawas imagined how difficult it would be for his wife to take care of her field alone.

After a week of Abu Nawas in prison, he finally came up with an idea. He then wrote a letter to his wife at home. The contents of the letter read,

“My beloved wife,

Don’t be sad about my current situation. Here, I’m fine. You don’t worry. Now is how you can support yourself alone.

My beloved wife,

Remember if we still have a treasure trove of gold, gems and a diamond. I buried all the treasures in our fields. Try to dig, surely you will find it. Make the best of it to provide for our family while I’m still here.”

Abu Nawas then asked the guard to deliver the letter to his wife at home. But a guard who was entrusted with the letter was curious and opened it. After reading the contents of the letter, the guard then reported to the king.

The letter was finally read by the king. After finishing reading, without waiting long, the king ordered some of his guards to go to the fields of Abu Nawas. The guards were ordered to dig up the fields belonging to Abu Nawas and immediately take the treasure that Abu Nawas meant in the letter.

Arriving at the field, without saying hello and excuse me, they immediately dug the field. Abu Nawas’s wife was very surprised and worried about what else was going on with her husband and family.

All the land in Abu Nawas’s field was dug up, but unfortunately a thousand unfortunately, they did not find the treasure. Annoyed, the guards decided to stop the excavation and return to the kingdom to report to the king.

Abu Nawas’ wife was even more surprised, this time she felt that the guards had been very good at helping her hoe the fields while her husband was in prison.

The incident reached the ears of Abu Nawas. He then laughed out loud at the behavior of the guards. Finally Abu Nawas decided to return to writing letters to his wife. This time he also predicts that his second letter will be read again by the king.

The following is the contents of the second letter of Abu Nawas,

“My wife beloved,

The king has been very kind in sending his guards to help us cultivate the land in the fields. Now, all of our fields have been hoeed.

It certainly makes it easier for you to plant potatoes, you don’t have to bother hoeing the large enough field anymore.

I hope you can be more patient. I will go home soon because he is a wise man. His Majesty knows that I am innocent. In a moment, I will be released.”

The letter finally reached Bainda’s hand. After reading it to the end, the king felt ashamed of himself.

As a powerful king, it was inappropriate for him to imprison Abu Nawas for no apparent reason. He realized that everything that was done to Abu Nawas was a mistake. Finally the king ordered his guards to release Abu Nawas from prison.[]


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