Sri Mulyani Gives Bad News, Many Workers Can Be Affected

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1NEWS – Minister of Finance (Menkeu) Sri Mulyani said 1.5 billion will be affected by the risk of climate change.

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He referred to a study from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

According to Sri Mulyani, the world must make a transition towards a sustainable economy.

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The woman who is affectionately called Ani added that cooperation between countries is very much needed.

Sri Mulyani also emphasized the importance of collaboration to deal with climate change.

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“Every country cannot face climate change alone,” Sri Mulyani said in an online discussion in Jakarta, Thursday (26/8).

According to Sri Mulyani, one form of collaboration is sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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Sri explained that the SDGs will make all countries commit to reducing carbon emissions.


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