Syakir Daulay Admits Every Day He Gets Dozens of Taaruf CVs – Latest Celeb News

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Artist Syakir Daulay admits that almost every day he gets dozens of CVs inviting him to perform Ta’aruf. However, for now, Syakir Daulay said he still doesn’t want to quickly end his single life.

“Every day I get dozens of emails of Taaruf’s CV, if I open the email besides work, there’s also Taaruf’s CV, it’s beautiful,” he said when found in the East Kemang area, South Jakarta, Monday (30/8).

“But I didn’t chat, there were people from the desert, those from Kalimantan, Java. There’s a cv, I’ll tell you later. Right, the one who sent the CV must be ready to get married, while I’m not,” he added.

Syakir Daulay admitted that he learned a lot from the journey of his brother’s marriage, Zikri Daulay, who married young until finally his marriage to Henny Rahman ran aground in the middle of the road.

‚ÄúThere are many lessons that are in front of my eyes, from my brother and friends, who used to be the ones who made me laugh and asked me to get married. In the end, they themselves feel that marriage is not easy,” he concluded.

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